Swarming Darkness


Hotheaded, impulsive, boorish, aggressive, grimy, dirty, good old Black / Death Metal. Those were the […]
By Dorothy Cheng
November 14, 2013
Slutvomit - Swarming Darkness album cover

Hotheaded, impulsive, boorish, aggressive, grimy, dirty, good old Black / Death Metal. Those were the days. But SLUTVOMIT, hailing from the United States, have been around since 2006 and continue to produce consistently abrasive and unapologetic Metal, especially with their new release with Invictus Productions, "Swarming Darkness".

I know, the name isn't inconspicuous at all. It is rather in your face and outlandish, perfectly describing the three men who make up SLUTVOMIT and give its music every dose of rebelliousness and angst.

Pigeonholing SLUTVOMIT into the genre of Black / Death would be decidedly unfair, seeing as they project everything from Speed Metal to Thrash Metal as well. The rawness that results from this lecherous and uncouth expansion of energy and violence is not the sort that can be bottled up - it is pure fucking hell unleashed.

With the caliber of Teutonic Thrash vocals and speedy, evil riffs harking tribute to the likes of DEICIDE and POSSESSED, the provocative delivery of SLUTVOMIT's utterly nihilist music is both gripping and impressive, scary and intense. Together, all the instruments are vomiting out an inflammatory purge of energy and badassery, fortifying their musical style with leads of rousing power and distorted passion - backed up by drumming that is tireless and machinelike with its precision and speed.

But the consistent problem with many of these intensity-fuelled acts of pure energy is that they tend to be repetitive and monotonous, with the burgeoning capability to express violence, anger, and hatred, but nothing more. SLUTVOMIT has the consideration to (never thought I'd begin a sentence like that) insert a few mid-paced breakdowns here and there, but it's hardly enough to cover up for the rest of the song that is basically blazing riff after rapturous riff.

If it's your thing to be bombarded and assailed by a relentless hail of arsenic-coated bullets in SLUTVOMIT's signature style of Metal, then this new record certainly will fulfill your needs. If you're not up for it, then this record still has enough to appreciate in terms of its awe-inspiring intensity and speed. It's a debauched riot of heated passion and consuming violence, driving the audience to pure headbanging bliss and cementing themselves as one of the more emotionally intense extreme Metal groups in the US.

7 / 10


"Swarming Darkness" Track-listing:

1. Swarming Darkness
2. Downward Falling Christ
3. Lucifer Unbound
4. Bombing the Chapel
5. Morbid Priest (Of Hell)
6. Poservore
7. Necrovoyeur
8. Servants of Satan
9. Eden Ablaze
10. Incendiary Rape
11. Harbringer of Doom

Slutvomit Lineup:

M. Larson - Vocals, Guitars
J. Zarnecki - Drums
K. Sanberg - Bass, Vocals

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