SLOWGOLD is a vague dream hovering over the western parts of Gothenburg, Sweden. Amanda Werne […]
March 22, 2015
Slowgold - Slowgold album cover

SLOWGOLD is a vague dream hovering over the western parts of Gothenburg, Sweden. Amanda Werne sings with inspiration from Neil Young, Hope Sandoval and Gene Clark. In May 2015, a second album will be released. This EP is the band's debut, and contains four tracks.

"Det Osynliga kopia" is the first track. It has a melancholy entrance and a soulful reflection. The rhythm section skips along briskly with the gallop of old school songwriting. Amanda's voice is soft and inviting at the same time. "Finland" opens with acoustic guitar and the promise of emotion. There is a folky quality to it that takes me back to yesteryear. Vocal crescendos provide accent to the moving feeling, and whispers of harmonica fade out the track.

"Oppna Sar" is a bit more edgy, and the main guitar riff reminds me of JANIS JOPLIN without the over the top vocals. Still, Amanda puts in a little more time in the upper ranges here in this track which I enjoy. It has a 1960's vibe for sure. "Varen" is the closing track. It has a bright guitar melody, reminding me of clouds slowly passing by a big blue sky with a gentle breeze, on a warm spring day. There is a long lead in of instrumentation, setting the tone for the positive mood that is felt here. There is a lot to like here in this track, especially in the vocal harmonies.

Overall I find the EP to be pleasing. I also find that I enjoy the elements that lean towards more fullness of sound, which at times takes a back seat to the more quiet and introspective passages. But there is some nice variety presented here with a range of different emotions.

7 / 10


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"Slowgold" Track-listing:

1. Det Osynliga
2. Finland
3. Öppna Sår
4. Våren

Slowgold Lineup:

Amanda Werne - Vocals, Guitar
Johannes Mattsson - Bass
Erik Berntsson - Drums

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