From Bandcamp, "Musically, we are staying the course" explains front man, Stig Ese Eliassen. "We […]
January 25, 2023
Slegest - Avstand album cover

From Bandcamp, "Musically, we are staying the course" explains front man, Stig Ese Eliassen. "We operate well within the framework we have created for ourselves in these past records. While our sound in this way clearly has quite a traditional streak, I´m confident that our take on Metal offers something different. Our goal is, of course, that in the end, our material is truly awesome and sinister sounding! We also have upped the tempo a bit this time around." The album has eight songs.

"Innsikt" is the first. The almost jovial riff is marred by minor notes, making it dart in and out of the clouds. The vocals bring the traditions in the song, and are raspy and harsh. "Evigheit Pa Evigheit" has a similar romp to it. It's an interesting sound. The music is more in the wave of the NWOGHM, while the vocals are more in line with Black or Death Metal. But the riffs are fairly simple, so the music isn't really standing out a lot. "Forloysning Og Rus" is another song with nearly the same sound, until the half-way mark, when the sound shifts a bit, picking up with haste.

"Vinterkristus" is a short song that passes without much that stands out again. The band seems to have found a formula that works for them and they are sticking with it. "Gate" has a slower riff, but it is still quite elementary. The bottom end isn't really all that strong either. It makes for a dull listening experience. "Er Det Deg Livet?" has that same pacing from the riff. It's like listening to an AC/DC or MOTORHEAD album...the songs are fairly catchy but just fail to take off. "Til Det Storste Som Finst" is another short song with a slightly faster pace. I just don't get it...why would a band want to rest on their laurels like this?

"Oh Baby" closes the album. It's similar to the other songs, unfortunately. Overall, this album just hit flat and failed to impress. When nearly every song sounds the same and the pacing is similar, you have a recipe for mediocrity.

4 / 10

Nothing special








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"Avstand" Track-listing:

1. Innsikt
2. Evigheit På Evigheit
3. Forløysning Og Rus
4. Vinterkristus
5. Gåte
6. Er Det Deg Livet?
7. Til Det Største Som Finst
8. Oh Baby

Slegest Lineup:

Håvard Ese - Bass
Anders Christian - Drums
Sven Roger - Guitars
Stig Ese - Guitars, Vocals

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