Alchemical Warfare


Active since 2003, Black Metal band SLAUGHTBBATH spent the first ten years of their career […]
September 4, 2019
Slaughtbbath - Alchemical Warfare album cover

Active since 2003, Black Metal band SLAUGHTBBATH spent the first ten years of their career releasing Demos, Splits, and EPs. In 2013 came their debut full-length, titled "Hail to Fire." The trio from Chile is back with their sophomore effort, titled "Alchemical Warfare," which contains nine new tracks.

"Ritual Bloodbath" opens the album, with some fuzzy feedback leading to a vile and wicked sound. It's Black Metal for sure, but part of the cadence in the opening sounds like Thrash Metal to me. The drums roll, and the vocals are harrowing. "Resucitated by Immoral Scorn" opens similarly, with an ultra-fast blueprint. The idea is to pummel you until you submit. "Cavern of Misanthropy" gives us the first glimpse of diversity, opening slowly and with some keys. It picks up fairly quickly however. Its hatred is intense and hard-driving. "Prophetic Crucifixion" is another fast moving song where the riff is always on the move. The guitar solo isn't bad but it's slightly off key at the end.

"Rejoined into Chaos" opens slowly and with clean guitars and an ominous feeling, like something is behind you in the dark. The main riff comes in and it is weighted and dark. "Alchemical Warfare" is a shorter song that burns rapidly and quickly and then is snuffed out nearly as quickly as it started. "Amulets of Carnage" is a fast moving song that features some riff changes and a tight mid-section. It ends with vile spoken words. "Celestial Overthrow" opens with a similar pace and sound. There isn't much in the way of diversity here on the album, that's for sure. The songs go right for a noose around your neck. "Ascension to the Dragon's Throne" closes the album. Some powerful riffing seeks to dominate all subjects. The sound drops briefly and then picks back up right where it left off.

For me, this was as close to Death Metal as it was to Black Metal. The vocals are the only thing here that makes it Black Metal, but the riffing is done dexterously. It's Old School Kvlt Black Metal for sure. These guys have obviously been around for a while, and haven't changed much. I get that they want to make in intense ball of fire but when every track sounds nearly the same, they haven't accomplished much. The production is a bit of a letdown as well.

4 / 10

Nothing special








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"Alchemical Warfare" Track-listing:

1. Ritual Bloodbath
2. Resucitated by Immortal Scorn
3. Cavern of Misanthropy
4. Prophetic Crucifixion
5. Rejoined into Chaos
6. Alchemical Warfare
7. Amulets of Carnage
8. Celestial Overthrow
9. Ascension to the Dragon's Throne

Slaughtbbath Lineup:

Negro - Drums
P. Skullshredder - Guitars
D. Descecrator - Vocals, Bass

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