Slash is one clever bastard, I found out about the album from the Classic Rock […]
By Dimitris Karametros
May 2, 2010

Slash is one clever bastard, I found out about the album from the Classic Rock magazine and was instantly amazed for a few seconds and then I started asking myself those stupid questions that are imbedded in the Metal DNA of each Greek, mostly, fan, questions like "is this a money bomb? Is he burning out since GnR and VELVET REVOLVER pulled the trigger?" Questions that lasted seconds too because I killed that stupid DNA, my last one, with a Fun-infused virus and when I reached home I pre-ordered my copy of Slash's new album "Slash".

Let's begin with the easy part. Slash banded together his friends and created a Rock album that actually could be the best Rock album of the year. This album has it all, Metal legends such as Ozzy and Lemmy, Rock monsters such as Ian Asbury and Iggy Pop and many youngbloods such as M. Shadows from AVENGED SEVENFOLD and Andrew Stockdale from WOLFMOTHER. Alsothere are a few that do not fit in the Metal or Rock scene as is Fergi from BLACK EYE PEAS and Adam Levine from MAROON 5.

I could spend a few pages going through all the songs in this album but I know that most of you will get bored in the first few lines and probably you can find a song-by-song review to all the other boring mags and E-zines. I am going to answer your deeper questions here. Is it fun? Yes, this album Rocks so hard it will boil your blood. Are all songs worth your time? You should definitely listen to the Fergi track, she was born to be a Rock diva, and pass Chris Cornell's song (mate, I was expecting another "Jesus Christ Pose" and I got what? A sleeping pill? Man, wake up).Kid Rock is a great Rock musician when he doesn't sing for himself...hmm, that was a little bit harsh but when you can be great why be just good. The simply most amazing song in the album is "By The Sword"; this one gets a solid 10/10 from me. The guitars and the voice bind incredibly together that instantly fills you with the feelings of the lyrics and the music, a well balanced song that is simply perfect.

Next Slash selling out his past? Hell no, don't be stupid people, listening to the album proves only one thing that the people that took part in its creation are having FUN, something that can be seen to all songs and so should YOU, get the album and don't hide it like your porn collection. Also by some claiming that Slash is selling out means that most of the musicians taking part are sellouts, so that means that Lemmy and Ozzy are selling out?Thoughts like that might get you killed, at least in this part of the world.

Slash is not stupid at all, each song was created according to the strengths and abilities of the musician of each tune, and that makes the songs more familiar to the listener. No, Fergi does not rap but they gave the song a classic Lita Ford feeling. Lemmy plays bass also in his track as do all the other musicians who sing and play a music instrument enhancing the personal feel of each song, e.g. "Ghost" if heard separately you think it's a new THE CULT song.

Don't miss this album, it proves that only those living in the cold north of Europe kill each other for stupid details over music. When you have the sun in your face you only care to have fun with your friends.

8 / 10


"Slash" Track-listing:
  1. Ghost (Feat. Ian Asbury)
  2. Crucify The Dead (Feat. Ozzy Osbourne)
  3. Beautiful Dangerous (Feat. Fergi)
  4. Back From Cali (Feat. Myles Kennedy)
  5. Promise (Feat. Chris Cornell)
  6. By The Sword (Feat. Andrew Stockdale)
  7. Gotten (Feat. Adam Levine)
  8. Doctor Alibi (Feat. Lemmy Kilmister)
  9. Watch This/Watch This Dave (Feat. Dave Grohl & Duff McKagan)
  10. I Hold On (Feat. Kid Rock)
  11. Nothing To Say (Feat M. Shadows)
  12. Starlight (Feat. Myles Kennedy)
  13. Saint Is A Sinner Too (Feat. Rocco De Luca)
  14. We're All Gonna Die
Slash Lineup:

Slash - Lead Guitar/Rhythm Guitar
Chris Chaney - Bass
Josh Freese - Drums
Lenny Castro - Percussion

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