Slagmark make an intermission from having lunch with Satan and really manage to burst out […]
By Panagiotis Koutsompogeras
September 13, 2005
Slagmark - Eradication album cover

Slagmark make an intermission from having lunch with Satan and really manage to burst out the very guts of the wars which go on in hell at this very moment. As writen in the CD's booklet, the album was recorded in hell having lord Satan as its engineer. Since they hail Tuborg in their special thanks list, these guys deserve a listening attempt.
You can not really find some extremely innovative elements in this album, since it follows - one way or another - the general paths Black Metal songwriting follows. Musically speaking the album is not that mediocre; in other words if you like Black Metal and that kind of stuff the Slagmark will satisfy you, but if you drink vodka only in the name of pure bearers of the flame such as Feinriz then these guys might not have such a huge impact on you.
The production could have certainly been better as it seems a bit foggy but certainly fits the whole Black Metal genre. The extensive use of drum machine might give the album a feeling of rustiness, semi-plastic and not much of an airy, true sound. The album was mixed by Roxy and Slagmark while it was engineered by Foxy Roxy.
There is a war climate throughout the entire record! There are no keyboards, female or sung vocals. The majority of the lyrics deal with warfare and Armageddon kind of stuff which really matches the entire atmosphere. The songs possess a frozen atmosphere which would definitely make the very lungs of hell feel really icy. You must listen to that record at least 2 or 3 times before you finally reach a safe conclusion whether you like it or not. There are also many thrashy passages accompanying the Black Metal holocaust atmosphere.
So, grab your Tuborg or Carlsberg, inhale the dust from your Seven Churches album and go dig into these semi-blasphemers. Now you are ready to be eradicated!!!
- Album Highlights: Aeon of hours, Erase Christianity, Death come forth, Death's Mask and Slavery By The Book.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Eradication" Track-listing:

Aeon Of Horus
Erase Christianity
Da Hedningen Tok Sverdet Fatt
Art Of War
Death Come Forth
The Glacier Battles
Death's Mask
Slavery By The Book
The Absence
Total War (Part I)
Total War (Part II)

Slagmark Lineup:

Markspist - Guitar
Geir - Guitar
Avsky - Vocal
Stoggsint - Bass
Beist - Drums

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