Rivals, Hounds and Rebel Sisters

Sky Valley Mistress

With the latest influx of New Age Old School Hard Rock bands that seemingly pop […]
By Andrew "That Metal Fan" Tanner
May 10, 2015
Sky Valley Mistress - Rivals

With the latest influx of New Age Old School Hard Rock bands that seemingly pop up everyday and out of nowhere, those that know me may assume I was annoyed at having to not only listen to but then review UK rockers, Sky Valley Mistress. Well, you were 100% correct on that my good friend. I did my research before I began listening and loathed having to hit that play button on yet another The Pretty Reckless wanna be band, regardless of an awesome album title like "Rivals, Hounds and Rebel Sisters". Fortunately for me, it was made clear very quickly that The Pretty Reckless has nothing on Sky Valley Mistress.

The old school vibe on this album is incredibly familliar yet all the while new and udderly fascinating. Russell Russell (yes, thats his name) creates immaculate bass lines that are irresistable to any ear. I dare you to listen to this album and not bandg your head and tap your toe even slightly. The drum tracks and guitar playing give off an early Black Sabbath ladden vibe, but it's as if the mighty Sabbath lost all of their dark qualities and replaced them with good vibes. Confused? I was as well but I promise you the band makes it work beautifully. Vocally, Kayley Davies blew me away. Typically I am not a big fan of Rock vocalists but her haunting beauty and commanding power had me standing at attention every step of the way.

Has the New Wave Of Old School Hard Rock finally beaten me down and made me a fan? Absolutely not. But Sky Valley Mistress and their newest release "Rivals, Hounds and Rebel Sisters" have gotten me just that one step closer. And for that, i thank them.<

7 / 10


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"Rivals, Hounds and Rebel Sisters" Track-listing:

1. Smoke Fairy
2. Wishbone
3. She Is So
4. Blood, Sweat and Blisters

Sky Valley Mistress Lineup:

Kayley "Hell Kitten" Davies - Vocals
Squire - Guitar
Maxwell Harvey William Newsome III - Drums
Russell "Russell" Russell - Bass

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