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SKULLVIEW are a Power Metal band in the vein of very early MANOWAR. Their newest […]
By Jonathan Maphet
July 16, 2010
Skullview - Metalkill The World album cover

SKULLVIEW are a Power Metal band in the vein of very early MANOWAR. Their newest offering is entitled "Metalkill the World". You can really hear the attempt at being "old school". The main problem I have here is that the vocalist is quite good, but he over sings everything! He holds on to a note for far too long making a few of the songs basically a four minute long scream. The screams never end. They go over the guitars, the drums and everything else. I really don't see why a band would ruin their music like this. It is OK for Eric Adams to let off a few screams here or there, but this band seems to think it's acceptable to do it in every sentence in every song. It was actually painful to sit through. This is the first album I have ever reviewed that I found physically painful to listen to.

If they can manage to put a leash on the singer, they may have something. I find this similar to the criticism that Peter Jackson received for his overblown epic "King Kong". People would say "he's good, but he needs an editor to cut out all the unnecessary crap". That is exactly what this lead singer needs, an editor. As for the lyrics; the album is early 80's Power Metal.

The production is ancient, but acceptable. Overall, I feel this was a great opportunity completely wasted by the inability of someone to control the singer. Not only does he hold the notes forever, he does an 'Axl Rose', which mainly consists of screaming one or two syllable words into four to six syllable words, and that's when he's being tame. I am sure you know what I mean. For example; "...sweet child 'o mine..." with the word "mine" having about 8 syllables added to it. My ears bled. I can't recommend this at all.

4 / 10

Nothing special

"Metalkill The World" Track-listing:
  1. Legions Of The Star Scroll
  2. The Bruise
  3. MetalKill The World
  4. Behind The Cell
  5. Blind And Unconscious
  6. Defiance, Desperation, Defeat
  7. Remnants Of The Storm
  8. Privilege Of Suffering
Skullview Lineup:

Mike Quimby - Vocals
Dave Hillegonds - Guitar
Dean Tavernier - Guitar
Joe Garavalia - Drums

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