Here In Hell - DEMO


Well, this three track EP really made me wanna start body building but then I […]
By Michael Dalakos
November 28, 2005
Skullshifter - Here In Hell - DEMO album cover

Well, this three track EP really made me wanna start body building but then I thought damn it, I can't afford to lose this perfect, beer-crafted silhouette, so I just stuck to the listening (and drank a couple more beers). How come only such acts can sound so pissed off? I really can't say but the lads from Skullshifter do sound quite pissed off.
This EP is exceptionally / well professionally crafted. From the nice (and simple) artwork to the good biography sheet and of course a few details many bands tend to neglect, like the factory printed CD; there is no doubt that Skullshifter take their work very seriously, thumbs up for that.
Here In Hell walks the fields of aggressive Metal / NU / mainstream Metalcore. Three razor sharp compositions, a bit lengthier than the usual for the genre (since the EP runs for more than 15 minutes) with the typical (but catchy) pissed off vocals, very groovy tempos (can you stop the headbanging for a second please? I almost spilled my beer) and cool attitude. The bombastic production is top-notch, easily compared to the production of a huge act.
So, it would be rather obvious to mention that Skullshifter can easily reach the heights other acts of the genre have done so far. Fans should check them out. I have the feeling that I will be reviewing a full length release very soon...

"Here In Hell - DEMO" Track-listing:

I, Punishment
Here In Hell

Skullshifter Lineup:

Tom Nolz - Guitar & Vocals
CJ Scioscia - Guitar
J. McCaffrey - Bass
Dan Davie - Drums

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