Italy is a breeding ground for some of today's heaviest acts in Death Metal. Joining […]
By Liam Easley
July 16, 2019
Skorbutiks - Archaeonecrosis album cover

Italy is a breeding ground for some of today's heaviest acts in Death Metal. Joining the ranks of the country's plethora of unrelenting and brutal music, SKORBUTIKS unleash their debut full-length, "Archaonecrosis", 38 minutes of Thrash-infused Death Metal. Starting with an onslaught of Thrash-y Death Metal, "Death Breed Implants" and "Skyhole Devourment" are nowhere near this album's best offering. The later of the two has a very memorable breakdown to conclude the track with a nicely placed bridge with cool leads.

It isn't until "Towards the Great Enslavement" when this album truly shines. Flexing a strong old school Death Metal influence, this song goes from DEICIDE riffing to MORBID ANGEL atmosphere with flawless transitioning. The song has an immense atmosphere, and it is something that was surprising, given the nature of previous songs. One flaw that is present on a few songs on the album is poor transitioning. "Skyhole Devourment" has a nice section with atmosphere and riffs on the high notes that is barely transitioned into nor out of. "The Pernicious March" features an atmospheric and melodic passage twice, the first of which has little to no closure as it just goes right back into the main riffing.

There are moments on this album where atmosphere is strong, but it is ruined by poor transitioning. "Towards the Great Enslavement" is a refreshing break in this trend. In fact, this flaw is completely removed after this track. This brings me to the structure of the album. It seems as if the beginning half, while not being atmospherically driven, has the vast majority of atmosphere. A few tracks have Synthwave elements scarcely scattered about, let alone "The Ruins of Hathar", an epic, instrumental Synthwave track reminiscent of music from Blade Runner or "Stranger Things". After track five, the album becomes more kinetically driven.

The structure, it might seem, is unbalanced, but I personally don't have a problem with it. If anything, the Synthwave could have been more spread out, but otherwise that's it. SKORBUTIKS has a lot of potential. They have some very well-written songs (track five in particular), there are some riffs that were absolutely stellar and the album itself has a very interesting tone to it. I want to know what they'll do next, but in the meantime, the songwriting is what they need to tackle first.

7 / 10









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"Archaeonecrosis" Track-listing:

1. Death Breed Implants
2. Skyhole Devourment
3. The Pernicious March
4. The Ruins of Hathar
5. Towards the Great Enslavement
6. The Levelling
7. Dwellers of the Void
8. Tombbath MMXVIII
9. Swarming Columns

Skorbutiks Lineup:

Matteo "Numen" Baroni - Bass
Filippo "Aton" Buzzi  - Guitars
Francesco "Typhon" Cagali - Vocals
Matteo "Occasus" Crestanello - Drums

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