Homicidal Experimentation


SKINNING hailing from Guimaraes, Portugal were formed in 2011. They are a classical Death Metal […]
February 17, 2021
Skinning - Homicidal Experimentation album cover

SKINNING hailing from Guimaraes, Portugal were formed in 2011. They are a classical Death Metal band and their sound is inspired by bands like VADER, DEICIDE, or MORBID ANGEL. SKINNING have released one EP and two full-length albums prior to the current album. "Homicidal Experimentation" was produced and mastered by Bruno Silva and it was released via Portugese label Larvae Records. The album has a length of almost 33 minutes. No video has been released from the album so far.

SKINNING have delivered once again an album of high speed, traditional Death Metal without any experimentation and fans of highly paced pummeling will have their joy. The onslaught starts with the title song and "Wrong Path", both of them setting the tone of the album. The title song "Homicidal Experimentation" starts with simple and catchy guitar riffing as well as the relentlessly bludgeoning blast-beat sections and double-bass drums. "Wrong Path" has a bit more tempo variations, but follows the same patterns. The growling vocals are between the mid to the low end of the guttural range. "In Her Memory" is another high-speed track with some catchy guitar riffing, similar to the opener.

"The Gravedigger" and "Sadistic Butcher" start a bit slower in mid-tempo with groovy sections, but not for long. SKINNING do not allow for long tempo breaks, soon both songs are fast and furious. However, both songs show that SKINNING is capable to add a few different elements to their sound. "Sadistic Butcher" has a number of mid-tempo short breaks, especially towards the end, it becomes real head-banging stuff.

The second half of the album is no different from the first half. Death Metal is performed at highest intensity and pace. Apart from the guitar riffing on "The Demon", which sounds gloomy and certainly darker compared to all other songs, there is no notable difference between the songs. The vocals occasionally remind on Glen Benton (DEICIDE) which gives them something like a demonic touch. The guitar riffing is simple throughout the album without complexity and technicality. If there are any lead guitar sequences, they are very short, but effective. Lead guitar solos are completely absent, however, this is not a bad thing given the Death Metal approach of the band.

"Homicidal Experimentation" is a Death Metal album that has its strengths in its simplicity. The formula is very effective: playing flesh-ripping guitar riffs with firing blast-beats and double-bass at highest pace possible and adding aggressive guttural vocals to it. SKINNING stick to this formula without compromise and the outcome is a 30 minutes hammering. The production of the album is decent, I feel the drums could sound better. "Homicidal Experimentation" will be loved by Death Metal fans who dig into traditional and honest Death Metal.

7 / 10









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"Homicidal Experimentation" Track-listing:

1. Homicidal Experimentation
2. Wrong Path
3. The Gravedigger
4. In Her Memory
5. Sadistic Butcher
6. The Demon
7. In The Hands Of God
8. Destroyer Of Existence
9. Blood Will Be Dropped

Skinning Lineup:

Vitor Lopes - Vocals, Guitars
Luis Barroso - Drums
Susana Brochado - Bass

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