Revolution Per Minute

Skid Row

No, they definitely are NOT the Irish Blues/Rock band. They are the well known Glam […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
November 11, 2006
Skid Row - Revolution Per Minute album cover

No, they definitely are NOT the Irish Blues/Rock band. They are the well known Glam Metal band Skid Row! Once I got this CD, I was impatient to listen to it! It seems that all my patience until I get it into my hands was not worth! You know something. Skid Row are dead! I am a great fan of this band and I will NOT tolerate such childish behavior by its members!
What do you want to know about these titans? They were formed in 1987, in New Jersey. They have released various CD's (like the classic Slave To The Grind in 1991), video cassettes, many singles, 4 EP releases and if I am not mistaken 3 demo CD's. They are, or probably were, the kings of the genre! After the mediocre Thickskin (2003), they finally spit on their glorious history as a band, and move on to more modern formulas...
I place the CD in my CD player and... What the fuck? This can't be a Skid Row album! It just can't! Where is all the guitar shredding? The incredible solos? Where the fuck are those out-of-this-world screams? Where is the passion that once surrounded this band? I admit I am pissed off with this band...
Let's start with the changes Skid Row's music has been through. As I mentioned above, Skid Row used to be a glorious Glam Metal band. Now, they play something that is close to Audioslave and Metallica's Load (1996)/Reload (1997) era. Oh, I forgot to mention some country music touches. How can a band change like that? I respect a band's will to progress, but not into something that has nothing to do with their original material! New elements are welcome. But the matter is that a band adds elements in its music, it doesn't replace elements! This way it is like they spit on their past!
Anyway, the production is very good and the compositions are really nice. It is just that this music doesn't belong to this band! When Bach (former singer) left Skid Row, they died. Now that I examine the present of this band, it is like watching a dead body rotting slowly. The new CD even contains a track that is much close to Punk music! Why did they get into this modern Metal/Rock trend? I still can't understand... Maybe I know. Those fucking money! I wish they will soon understand the mistake they have done and split up! They could at least split up and reform under a new name! Just like Einjerher did in the past! I just want you to understand that I am reviewing this CD as a Skid Row release...
If this album was released by a new band, I would rate it with 8, but we are talking about Skid Row here. After what I have listened to, I will be severe with my childhood heroes. I am completely disappointed...

5 / 10


"Revolution Per Minute" Track-listing:

Another Dick In The System
Pulling My Heart Out From Under Me
When God Can't Wait
Shut Up Baby, I Love You
White Trash
You Lie
Love Is Dead
Let It Ride
You Lie (Bonus Track)

Skid Row Lineup:

Johnny Solinger - Vocals
Dave Snake Sabo - Guitar
Scott Hill - Guitar
Rachel Bolan - Bass
Dave Gara - Drums

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