Killing For Revenge

Six Feet Under

“Killing For Revenge” is a fast, aggressive, and intense hammering anf one of the Death Metal highlights of 2024 so far
May 20, 2024

SIX FEET UNDER hailing from Tampa, Florida were formed in 1993 as a side project of Chris Barnes, at the time still being the CANNIBAL CORPSE frontman. The Death Metal outfit has been always very active, and their impressive discography consists of now 18 full-length albums, five EPs, ad several live albums. “Killing For Revenge” was mixed and mastered by Chaz Najjar at Badlands Recording. It has a length of almost 47 minutes. The album was released via US Metal specialists Metal Blade.

 The album starts strong with “Know-Nothing Ingrate”, which is a fast song with very direct, aggressive, and tight guitar riffing. The riffing is supported by relentless double-bass drumming, and both drive the song forward. The growling vocals are between the deep and medium end of the guttural range with little variation in either direction. The mid-tempo break is the central element of the track, including the contributing lead guitar solo. “Accomplice To Evil Deeds” continues with the aggression in the riffing. It is a mid-tempo track, where the growls are slightly deeper than during the opener. The extended lead guitar solo contains oriental melodies and is the highlight of the track. “Ascension” is a fast hammering at blistering pace. The tight, staccato-like riffing sets the tone of the track supported by a few blast-beat thunderstorms. Despite all the pummeling, there is still time for a lead guitar solo at fast pace, which has some SLAYER vibes. “Ascension” is one of the album highlights and it has been released as lyric video with the YouTube link provided below. “When The Moon Goes Down In Blood” is a mid-tempo track and differs slightly in the sound as the track is darker and diverges from a classical verse/chorus structure. The guitar riffing is the main driving force and bass, drums, and vocals follow the riffing.

 Hostility Against Mankind” is a spine-chilling track with devastating riffing and crushing basslines at a measured tempo and a stomping rhythm. It is a steamroller and a headbanger with the guitars and the bass leading the charge. “Compulsive” goes back into mid-tempo modus with tight guitar riffing and a lot of double-bass drumming. The break leading to the lead guitar solo is played at frantic pace and the solo is the highlight of the track. “Fit Of Carnage” is another fast track and the riffing is certainly Thrash Metal inspired. It is an aggressive and pummeling track overall, even though the break is played at a measured pace. Notably, the break does not include a lead guitar solo. “Neanderthal” is another headbanger at a slow and stomping rhythm with blood-freezing melodies. It is the monotonicity in the riffing and vocals that drives the track, and it is accompanied by crunching basslines. The extended lead guitar solo fits perfectly into the track and it is played by guest guitarist Jason Suecof. “Neanderthal” is another album highlight.

 Judgement Day” comes with a change in tempo as it is played at crazy pace. The riffing is again staccato-like and supported by the double-bass drumming. It is a very aggressive track with simple and direct riffing. There is no change in tempo for the extended lead guitar solo, which is the highlight of the track. “Judgement Day” is surely one of my favorite album songs. “Bestial Savagery” continues with the pace and pummeling, put into a grim melodic framework. One feature of the track are the numerous blast-beat attacks throughout. There is a change in tempo for the lead guitar solo that is played at a measured tempo, but afterwards the track goes seamlessly back into the hammering mode. As the album goes on, there is more bludgeoning of the listener as the insane pace is maintained in “Mass Casuality Murdercide”. While the fast verse and chorus parts deliver the aggressiveness, the short mid-tempo break provides the chilling melodies. Altogether, “Mass Casuality Murdercide” might be the fastest album track. “Spoils Of War” continues with the pace and aggression, perhaps not at this intensity as in “Mass Casuality Murdercide”. There is a change in tempo and rhythm leading to an extended mid-tempo break, which comes again without lead guitar solo. “Spoils Of War” would have been an excellent track to end the album, if there was not the final track, which is a cover of the NAZARETH song “Hair Of The Dog”.

 SIX FEET UNDER deliver an excellent Death Metal album. I own the entire SIX FEET UNDER catalogue, but I do not remember any album that has been so fast, so aggressive, and so intense as “Killing For Revenge”. The guitar riffing is second-to-none and are often Thrash Metal inspired and the lead guitar solos are excellent. Add to that the very distinctive vocals and you have a 45-minutes Death Metal hammering. The album is well produced. “Killing For Revenge” is one of the album highlights of 2024 so far and it should be part of the album collection of every Death Metal fan.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Killing For Revenge" Track-listing:
  1. Know-Nothing Ingrate
  2. Accomplice To Evil Deeds
  3. Ascension
  4. When The Moon Goes Down In Blood
  5. Hostility Against Mankind  
  6. Compulsive  
  7. Fit Of Carnage  
  8. Neanderthal
  9. Judgement Day
  10. Bestial Savagery
  11. Mass Casuality Murdercide
  12. Spoils Of War
  13. Hair Of The Dog (NAZARETH Cover)
Six Feet Under Lineup:

Chris Barnes Vocals

Jack Owen Guitars

Ray Suhy Guitars

Marco Pitruzzella Drums

Jeff Hughell Bass

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