Crypt Of The Devil

Six Feet Under

Today is a big day for me ladies and gentlemen, I have the great pleasure […]
By Michael Coyle
May 8, 2015
Six Feet Under - Crypt Of The Devil album cover

Today is a big day for me ladies and gentlemen, I have the great pleasure in reviewing a record by a band that has been able to stand strong throughout the years as a band that has been able to keep the spirit of Death metal alive in the world today and I feel with this new record that the band have taken a new step in their journey of extreme themes and violent anthems. This is SIX FEET UNDER with their new record "Crypt Of The Devil".

"Gruesome": From the very start we already have the bands A game at work as they bring out a hard and classic SIX FEET UNDER groove to the bass of this song bringing heavy and addictive drum beats and bass lines which sink in the right way and bring you to the edge before losing all control of your sense in one go. As if the band could top what they have done in the past I feel that with "Gruesome" they have started the record off the right way and show that they still have more left in the tank even after all these years of leaving a trail of chaos and destruction along their way, the point remains either way though that the band have something here and it gets better.

"Open Coffin Orgy": The start off this song is just intense to be honest on this track as it starts off like a march of Death rearing to take control of everything, and that is what this song is doing in so many ways, but besides this we see Chris showing a very classic approach to his singing, to me this reminds me of a very a very young Chris Barnes when he started off with the growl type vocals in CANNIBAL CORPSE and to me shows that Chris has more to show then ever before with this vocal power and aggression that he is best known for. Besides this we see that the track takes hold of a slow and groovy form of Death metal which actually makes me think of ASPHYX and MORGOTH as there are slight similarities between this track and their styles of Death metal.

"Break the Cross in Half": The start of this track really gets gritty and hard when it comes to the guitars and the bass together as the band really take hold of some of their more familiar sounds and structures that make this band known for their heavy and intense sounds as it is. The way it goes from here is the classic approach that we know the band for as well as some newer and in some way different ideas that just make this song shout out to the listener, it can go without saying that it isn't the heaviest song on the record but still does its best to make the best for what it's got, either way though I really enjoy it and I would say that it has a lot to offer in its own way folks.

"Slit Wrists": Now the title of this track is very interesting to say the least but the real question is what does this song have in store for us. We start with a very hard and gritty riff to which opens the track as well as a a very slow yet brutal drum attack which opens the track in my opinion the right way and really takes place as one of the best openings off of this record, I say this because I feel the best way to start a song on any record is to mix it up with different ideas that make you feel different with everything happening at that time. As the track continues we start to get faster with the blasts and riffs that follow on with Chris's forceful and brutal vocals to create this vicious and murderous force to be reckoned with, as it is this track really goes from Death to a bit of a Thrash type vibe when it comes to the speed and the structure that leads this song on into a whole.

"Eternal Darkness": The force and brutality of this opening is just one of the best you will hear on this record as from one stand point we hear this palm muted opening riff mixed with some of the best bass work you will get to hear which then at the same point mixes in with a very sinister and slight diabolic pitch harmonic that sends a bit of a chill down your spine just from hearing it, to continue though I need to say that the bass work on this track is just incredible, it really grabbed me by the ear and just destroyed what was left of my hearing to be very honest as I feel the effort and power by Phil Hall is something to be commended. The track itself is a classic slab of hard and vicious Death Metal by a band that is able to keep it going after all these years, honestly I feel this is my favorite off this entire record as it has everything you would want in one whole package and even more as well which is the trick really, when there is a track that is able to make make the listener go nuts then you have yourself a track that will last the test of time.

To conclude. What more can I really say here folks then fucking incredible, after the last two releases "Undead" and "Unborn" many fans have wondered if the band were falling behind, but with the release of "Crypt Of The Devil" we see the band going back into the catalogue and taking samples and bits of their best and most memorable ideas to which come together to form this intense piece of music.

10 / 10


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"Crypt Of The Devil" Track-listing:

1. Gruesome
2. Open Coffin Orgy
3. Broken Bottle Rape
4. Break the Cross in half
5. Lost Remains
6. Slit Wrists
7. Stab
8. The Night Bleeds
9. Compulsion to Brutalize
10. Eternal Darkness

Six Feet Under Lineup:

Chris Barnes - Vocals
Phil Hall - Bass, Guitars
Josh "Hellhammer" Hall - Drums
Brandon Ellis - Lead Guitar

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