Six Feet Under

Ouch! My body starts to decompose! My sight is getting weaker! All my vital organs […]
By Panagiotis Koutsompogeras
March 5, 2005
Six Feet Under - 13 album cover

Ouch! My body starts to decompose! My sight is getting weaker! All my vital organs are starting to lose consciousness and cease to function! I start to feel no pain! What was once used as the temple for my soul now seems to be a liquid mass spreading all over the place! I must have fallen into dense sulfuric acid or I just listened to the new Six Feet Under album!
Aaaaaaargh! Oh God please let me out of here! These guys simply rule! Their music's quality has remained at a steady, high plateau! There is no way that you may partially dislike this masterpiece if you are even that little into extra-cool heavy rhythm music - the Six Feet Under style! Extreme banging rhythm sections spread all over here with the bass and drums creating a monstrous/high wall of pure Death Metal from which none can escape! Even the voice of death Mr. Chris Barnes (who also is the producee of 13) seems to have evolved to a more accepted by the public voice! The music of this band was always groovy and catchy without losing any toughness and edge and sometimes you feel like dancing around! Oh yeah! I will put 13 right next to my Beyonce albums (Ooops my cover has been blown and my G-string has been shown... to the public!).
From the very first notes of the opening track, Decomposition Of The Human Race, they show their teeth with might and the butchery continues on and on until the record (and my last breath!) is through! Their musical approach has been improved and the songs seem and sound more dense than concrete! Certain filters have been added to Chris's voice at certain points and this adds a more dramatic and scary atmosphere to the record! They seem to ignore all the crappy prejudice about the number 13 and offer us a true barbaric gem in a Floridian way of Death Metal. All of their new and old fans who seek tough rhythm walls and rigid vocal lines will be satisfied thoroughly! I must remind you that records that bear their name from a number, such as Mercyful Fate's 9 or Rush's 2112 prove to be true eternal gems. May this be the truth for this particular album!
Highlights of this worm infested piece of magnificent Death Metal butchery include the following: Decomposition Of The Human Race, Shadow Of The Reaper, Deathklaat, The Art Of Headhunting.
...and now I hear the bell that calls me to return six feet under the ground again! I feel my time running short now! Death must follow every life's action! Or is it just a new beginning?

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"13" Track-listing:

Decomposition Of The Human Race
Somewhere In The Darkness
Rest In Pieces
Shadow Of The Reaper
The Poison Hand
This Suicide
The Art Of Headhunting

Six Feet Under Lineup:

Chris Barnes - Vocals
Terry Butler - Bass
Greg Gall - Drums
Steve Swanson - Guitars

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