Scattered Horizons

Siren's Cry

Time for some Symphonic Metal. A warm welcome to the Austrian SIREN'S CRY, whose latest […]
By Bex "Hardcore" Tasker
August 15, 2013
Siren's Cry - Scattered Horizons album cover

Time for some Symphonic Metal. A warm welcome to the Austrian SIREN'S CRY, whose latest release "Scattered Horizons" is deliciously melodic. Being a NIGHTWISH fan, I saw some resemblance in this album to the Finnish heroes. Particularly in regard to NIGHTWISH's earlier stuff, but Katie Joanne's beautiful vocals are more akin to Floor Jansen than Tarja. I hope Floor stays with NIGHTWISH, saw her perform with them in January, and they were brilliant. But I digress. Back to SIREN'S CRY.

I use the term 'symphony' a lot in my reviews, mostly to describe a beautifully heavy blend of distortion. But in this case, the expression can be taken literally. The 5-piece adds a lot more than drums, bass and guitar to the mix - including keyboards and choirs. But that's not to say the distortion or screaming solos take a back seat, the features blend together like a Metalhead and a moshpit. So rather well. The band doesn't stop there, also incorporating plenty of breakdowns, hefty drums and not to mention soulfully profound lyrics. "Draconian Spectrum" sings of being "anxious and paralysed, but mesmerised" whilst "Sahara Sages Pt I" tells the story of a "banished soul lost in the sands of time". The listener can enjoy exquisitely crafted music and get lost in a magical land, all at once.

SIREN'S CRY's influences range from JUDAS PRIEST, PANTERA and OPETH to Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, as well as a multitude of other groups and composers, so it's no wonder their music is so diverse. They integrate the complexities of classical music using Metal instrumentation, and the effect is awesome. I would recommend this band to fans of classical and Metal, as well as to those who aren't particularly into either, as SIREN'S CRY have something for everyone. Catchy choruses, remarkable riffs and deadly drumming, elements that are joined together with the care and precision of a mathematical equation. I have nothing negative to say about this orchestral work of art. 

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Scattered Horizons" Track-listing:

1. Introitus
2. S3V3N
3. Oratory & Sins
4. Elegy of R'lyeh
5. Draconian Spectrum
6. Cold Amber & Scalding Tears
7. Sahara Sagas Pt I
8. Serpents of War
9. A Controversial Mind

Siren's Cry Lineup:

Katie Joanne - Vocals
Phillip R. Porter - Guitar
Michael A. Siskov - Keys
Sören Skupien - Bass
Frederic Brünner - Drums

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