Fresh from Denmark, SINNRS released their debut full-length last year, "Profound".  Full of Blackened Symphonic […]
By Liam Easley
April 24, 2019
Sinnrs - Profound album cover

Fresh from Denmark, SINNRS released their debut full-length last year, "Profound".  Full of Blackened Symphonic Death Metal, this album packs a tight punch.

One thing that bugs me about a lot of symphonic bands is that they let all of the symphonic elements do the work. It's usually something like chugging guitars while the orchestration and symphony go crazy in the background. Sure, it sounds interesting, but I would much rather hear the guitarist doing the work instead, or at least a nice balance between the two.

With SINNRS, this is exactly what I get: a nice balance. With songs like "The Storm of I" and "It Calls Me," there are very technical riffs on top of nice, symphonic elements. These symphonic elements are usually in the background of technical riffs, helping to highlight these riffs. It's like early IRREVERSIBLE MECHANISM with less technicality and more Black Metal.

On the topic of riffs, SINNRS writes them very well. Whether they're blackened or technical, they all come off as intriguing or just fitting in. "Lift My Bones" is a song particularly full of riffs that pack punch and riffs that just fit in. "Et Sic Incipit" is a song full of riffs ranging from blackened to brutal. Sometimes, the riffs on this track are reminiscent of HIDEOUS DIVINITY. The outro is the finest moment, featuring jumpy tremolo riffs over swelling orchestration.

"The Storm of I" is my personal favorite of the album. The song features technical riff-age and a strong foundation of riffs. All of which is reinforced by the nicely-paced drums and harsh vocals. The song has a strong breakdown that is backed by symphonic elements and driven by the drums and guitar. It progresses nicely into each riff, making it flow enough that most parts don't have to be repeated often.

Along with good riffs, SINNRS also provides the listener with a well-structured album. The release has the better tracks evenly spread throughout the album. There are also three instrumental tracks place throughout to give everything some room to breathe. Slower-paced songs like "No Promise to Mankind" are placed where they can better the flow of the album.

They also provide a strong conclusion with "Commemorate None". The song is epic and melodic, featuring intense riff-age and massive symphonic atmospheres that include voice-overs. The song is one of the album's highlights and finishing the album in such a way is a right move. It gives the listener a positive lasting impression.

Although I never heard this album until 2019, I would have to say that SINNRS released one of the most forward-thinking albums of 2018. It's relentless and heavy with an equal ratio of symphony to metal. I look forward to future releases from them.

8 / 10









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"Profound" Track-listing:

1. Nihil
2. To Derive Eden's Flame
3. The Storm of I
4. Lift My Bones
5. Renowned Praetorians
6. No Promise to Mankind
7. It Calls Me
8. Et Sic Incipit
9. Watch Her Soul Burn
10. Commemorate None

Sinnrs Lineup:

Maestus - Drums
Nero - Guitars, Vocals

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