Sinners Moon

The debut album of Slovakian six-piece band SINNERS MOON, "Atlantis", is a new rough gemstone […]
By Aaron E.
April 30, 2015
Sinners Moon - Atlantis album cover

The debut album of Slovakian six-piece band SINNERS MOON, "Atlantis", is a new rough gemstone of the Symphonic and Gothic Metal kind. From the first song on, "Inner Demons" you can hear SINNERS MOON has already manifested themselves as a solid Symphonic Metal band, and that they clearly have a lot more potential in their ranks.

The diamond still needs to be cut a little, though. It's pretty obvious by whom they are influenced. Gothic and Symphonic Metal bands like NIGHTWISH, EPICA, WITHIN TEMPTATION, STREAM OF PASSION and SONATA ARCTICA instantly spring to mind. In "My Servant" they are even being joined by SONATA ARCTICA singer Tony Kakko, who certainly brings some added value to the song and the album. However, if they go on playing like this and if they can find their own voice within the genre, they will soon be named among the likes of the bands I summed up above.

The joint effort from the whole band makes the album a real pleasure to listen to, from beginning to end. There is only one band member who jumps out in a negative way, and that's vocalist Derick, who kind of ruins some parts of otherwise really well crafted songs with his deranged growling. Leave him out and you get something really remarkable. Especially "Fly To The Moon", "Dark Episode" and "Buried" are little masterpieces. Singer Simona's clear and beautiful voice really comes out well in these songs, and guitarist Luken, one of the founders of the band, launches out with some great, heavy CHILDREN OF BODOM-like riffs and guitar solos.

All in all, it's a very solid album, brought to you with power and grace by some exceptionally talented musicians, who have crafted eleven amazing songs with a lot of patience and with eye for detail. If they go on like this, they can even grow to be one of the great Gothic and Symphonic Metal bands. Be sure to check them out.

8 / 10


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"Atlantis" Track-listing:

1. Inner Demons

2. Memento Mori

3. Buried

4. Pray For The Child

5. Falls Of The Neverland

6. My Servant

7. Fly To The Moon

8. Dark Episode

9. Sinners Moon

10. Atlantis

11. Upon A Star

Sinners Moon Lineup:

Simona - Vocals

Luken - Guitars

Derick - Vocals

Jan - Drums

Jarthuusen - Keyboards

Viktor - Bass

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