Sinners Bleed

Sins of all kinds can't be contained by the pummeling, rapid-fire of Tech Death Berliners […]
By Kyle Scott
June 12, 2019
Sinners Bleed - Absolution album cover

Sins of all kinds can't be contained by the pummeling, rapid-fire of Tech Death Berliners SINNERS BLEED. The much anticipated follow up to their 2003 debut "From Womb to Tomb" doesn't hesitate to beat you into submission with all the power of a furious mob. SINNERS BLEED exudes a heavy atmosphere of violence that takes its time in sizing up future prey, circling above their victim's heads before unleashing torrents of explosive drumlines and chords that try to devour themselves in cannibalistic loops. With sixteen years to bulk up their sound, "Absolution" is the last thing you will receive listening to SINNERS BLEED.

Things look grim for "The Age of the Crow" with Earth-shaking bass riffs and distorted chords. The energy contained is explosive and highly violent, and only complimented by Jan Geidner's throaty growls. The void has an otherworldly iridescence in "Gleaming Black", and features a gorgeous wailing guitar solo that pierces the black, lending the space its strange, glistening quality. SINNERS BLEED rumbles and rattles objects off the mantle, its aggressive punch doesn't show signs of slowing down all the way up to the epically-titled, "Jesus' Delusion Army", the band's all-encompassing anger has all the energy of a coked-out circle pit. SINNERS BLEED seems to make their own energy rather than expel it.

"Absolution" comes across as slower in tempo than SINNERS BLEED's debut "From Womb to Tomb", but they make up for it with gorgeous clarity and crisper, cleaner sound; no longer do they attempt to bury themselves under a hill of crashing cymbals. Absolution has a huge weight to throw around, whatever it destroys in its wake is only resurrected two-fold seconds later; the album's destruction being only as good as creation. Absolution is a whirling tornado in a mosh pit and every bit as bone-breaking as a Death Metal album should be!

8 / 10









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"Absolution" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. The Age of the Crow
3. Gleaming Black
4. The Second Being
5. Devouring Hatred
6. Behind the Veil
7. Dawn of Infinity
8. Absolution
9. Obedience
10. Jesus' Delusion Army

Sinners Bleed Lineup:

Eric Krebs - Drums
Sebastian Ankert- Guitars
Jan Geidner - Vocals
Fux - Bass
Arne Maneke  -Guitars

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