Kill Your Idols


“Kill Your Idols” is a supremely produced album that fuses the technicality of Prog, the speed of Thrash, and the attitude of Hardcore.
April 1, 2024

If the name SINN-INC sounds familiar, it’s probably because it has its origins with SINN. Not ‘original sin,’ that’s something totally different, but the first band named SINN. This studio project picks up where SINN left off—hence SINN-INC. Their newly issued album, “Kill Your Idols,” is collection of re-recordings of tracks which SINN released from 1998 to 2013.” Bringing together musicians from around the world, this endeavor is a truly international affair. And the results are excellent: “Kill Your Idols” is a supremely produced album that fuses the technicality of Prog, the speed of Thrash, and the attitude of Hardcore.

The album is marketed through Metal Devastation PR and was released January 22, 2024. It comprises eight tracks with a full runtime of 36 minutes. Thematically, it promotes thinking for oneself, taking ownership of one’s actions, and being cautious of the many idols that society foists in the name of authority and truth—thus the title, “Kill Your Idols.” Sonically, the music isn’t nearly as reckless as hardcore punk. The band ramps up the finesse with melodic thrash and, as noted before, some top-notch production work. Through it all they are able to capture the energy of hardcore and filter it through melodic Thrash.

Oddly, vocals share dual credits with both Alex Hamilton and Eric Castiglia trading off on the mic. Both deliver gritty but not quite guttural vocals. If they weren’t so raw, I’d call them clean. On guitar, founder Mah Tai takes up axe duty and does a fine job with both riffage and solos. On bass is Marco Toba who also programs the other half of the rhythm section to surprising effect. His performance on bass is stellar. Would love to hear some isolated tracks.

The best tracks are the longest ones with the band venturing out into multiple expansive movements. These include “Earthly Pain” and the closing track, “X.” “X” is by far the most complex and satisfying track. Apparently, its genesis was “Project” from the band’s “666 x Murder Project” EP. Even the subject matter is complex, exploring “the duality between good and evil, moral senses in conflict, and the acceptance or rejection of temptation.”

The opening track “Kill Your Idols” also plays into this almost Prog space, kicking off with a mellow acoustic opening, ratcheting up to pace and then shifting all the way down to Doom tempo before winding up again. Kind of dizzying. On the other side of the spectrum, hit-and-run tracks like “Burn the Cross of Lies” and “No Heaven Beyond” come on like bludgeoning weapons.

As noted, SINN-INC is a project resurrecting previously written and produced material. Even though that source material is 10 to 20 years old, it sounds as fresh and relevant as anything new hitting the scene today. The test, of course, will be when and if the band tries their hand at wholly new compositions. For right now, “Kill Your Idols” is appetizing enough.


9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Kill Your Idols" Track-listing:

1. Kill your Idols

2. Past Attraction

3. Bloody Heaven

4. Earthly Pain

5. Cannibal Love

6. No Heaven Beyond

7. Burn the Cross of Lies

8. X


SINN-INC Lineup:

Alex Hamilton – Vocals

Eric Castiglia – Vocals

Marco Toba – Bass, programming

Mah Tai – Guitars


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