Infernal Dawn


Do you remember the US Death metal band ABOMINANT who started their career in the […]
April 18, 2024

Do you remember the US Death metal band ABOMINANT who started their career in the distant 1993 and have so far released eleven albums (from the debut "Unspekable Horrors" in 1996 to the "Napalm Reign" in 2016) ? SINISTRUM are a band that features in its ranks the drummer of ABOMINANT Craig Netto who plays along with his son Garrett Netto (guitars).The line-up also consists of two other ABOMINANT members: Mike May on bass and Timmie Ball on guitars. Last but not least, vocalist is Scott Briggs who is also active in the bands BLOOD CURSE, COFFIN STENCH and FORNICUS. "Infernal Dawn" is SINISTRUM's debut album after the EP "Trichotomy of Death" from 2022.

The opener "Infernal Dawn" starts with fast tempo and guitar riffs that immediately reminds of DISSECTION. It has aggression but also doesn't lack melody. Scott Briggs' vocals are predominantely Death metal growls mixed together with some Black metal screams in the vein of DEICIDE. "Abomination Rising" follows with blastbeats that later develop into slower and more Thrashy passages with a remarkable melodic line. The influence of the Swedish melodic Death metal school can be clearly heard. "Godforsaken and Bleeding" starts a little bit like something from AMON AMARTH and then turns into a fast-paced Thrash/Death metal mayhem with an UNLEASHED vibe in the guitar work which is technical and melodic at the same time. "Legacy of Barbarity" is next and it explodes with a pure SLAYER riffing before going into the melodic Death/Black metal territory. In this track some clean epic vocals as well as Heavy metal guitar harmonies. The SLAYER influence continues on "Death Omen" as well as the worship of early 90's Scandinavian Death/Black metal sound. "Morbid Reality" is a blastbeat driven track, one of the fastest in the album, that will make your head banging and "Deus Mortis" begins with a SATYRIKON-like guitars before bursting into an all-out Thrash sonic assault. After that comes "Malicious Imprisonment" which is grinding fast and brutal but with a slight groove guitar moment. "Hordes of Hell" continues the aggressive line with fast-paced rhythm and heavy guitars, this track is the shortest in the album together with the title one "Infernal Dawn". The end of the record is set by "Traverse the Swarm" which is a tune with a heavy AT THE GATES/AMON AMARTH/DISSECTION influence and an impressive guitar lead performance.

It is obvious that SINISTRUM is a band created by experienced and very talented musicians. "Infernal Dawn" is a remarkable debut album, with a very good sound production and an interesting cover artwork. In case you need some high-quality melodic Death/Black metal in your life then SINISTRUM is a great choice to enrich your music collection!

8 / 10









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"Infernal Dawn " Track-listing:

1. Infernal Dawn
2. Abomination Rising
3. Godforsaken and Bleeding
4. Legacy in Barbarity
5. Death Omen
6. Morbid Reality
7. Deus Mortis
8. Malicious Imprisonment
9. Hordes of Hell
10. Traverse the Swarm

Sinistrum Lineup:

Mike May - bass
Craig Netto - drums
Timmie Ball - guitars
Garrett Netto - guitars
Scott Briggs - vocals

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