World Of Evil

Sinister Realm

SINISTER REALM is band from Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA playing traditional Heavy Metal, formed in 2008 […]
By Katarzyna Zakolska
July 4, 2013
Sinister Realm - World Of Evil album cover

SINISTER REALM is band from Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA playing traditional Heavy Metal, formed in 2008 by John Gaffney (ex-PALE DIVINE) and Darin McCloskey (PALE DIVINE, FALCON). After their four-song demo in 2008, they released in 2009 a self-titled debut. Afterwards "The Crystal Eye" was unleashed in 2011 and two years later; there you have "World of Evil".

The opener "Dark Angel of Fate" administering a dose of JUDAS PRIEST overall atmosphere and riffery like IRON MAIDEN and BLACK SABBATH, great melodic voice pattern of Alex Kristof, and amazing guitar solos. The track which I like the most is called "Bell Strikes Fear" that is simply memorable on counts of its riffing and chorus, true Heavy Metal and so passionate. The epic "Four Black Witches" lasts over 9 minutes, bearing heavier riffs, but also consists divergent tempos and a tad of progression, it reminded me a bit of DIO or BLACK SABBATH songs while the keyboards inserted sounded like DEEP PURPLE. The self-titled, "World of Evil", is a bit more powerful than the others crossing with PRIMAL FEAR but the honesty of the straight up DIO orientation. The video produced for this one really kicked this one in, fabulous guitars & memorable chorus & melodies. "Cyber Villain" is quite an energetic cracker, traditional Metal at its best; it is easy to experience the band's influences. "The Forest of Souls", a fine instrumental with acoustic guitars rapidly changing into heavier riffs with great drumming. Also worth to listen is "Prophets of War" clearly MANOWAR in its direction, true Heavy Metal bombastic kicker, melodic, well-crafted with an amazing rhythm section. "The Ghosts of Nevermore" takes up and 80s Metal position, DIO directed as most of the album, such a memorable track as well.

SINISTER REALM is a true Heavy Metal band, traditional, with a bit of Doom deliveries, well produced with a skilled set of musicians diverting through their influences. This is a must have for fans of BLACK SABBATH, DIO, IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST and in general, fans of traditional Metal. Highly recommended kick ass album.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"World Of Evil" Track-listing:

1. Dark Angel of Fate
2. Bell Strikes Fear
3. World of Evil
4. The Ghosts of Nevermore
5. Prophets of War
6. Cyber Villain
7. The Forest of Souls
8. Four Black Witches

Sinister Realm Lineup:

Alex Kristof - Vocals
John Gaffney - Bass, Guitar, Background Vocals
John Kantner - Rhythm & Lead Guitar
John Risko - Lead Guitar
Chris Metzger - Drums

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