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SINHERESY hailing from Trieste, Italy were formed in 2009. The melodic Metal outfit released one […]
August 7, 2023
Sinheresy - Event Horizon album cover

SINHERESY hailing from Trieste, Italy were formed in 2009. The melodic Metal outfit released one EP and three full-length albums so far. Joest van den Broek (BLIND GUARDIAN; EPICA; POWERWOLF) produced album number four, and it has a length of about 36 minutes. "Event Horizon" was released via Italian label Scarlet Records, which has many Power, Thrash, and melodic Metal bands among their current roster. The album starts strongly with powerful guitar riffing at mid-tempo. "The Calling" is a dynamic song with catchy melodies and riffs. Both vocalists, Stefano Sain and Cecilia Petrini, share the duties on this track, where the female vocals take over during the chorus parts. Both male and female vocals are around the medium end of the vocal range, with a few tonal shifts towards higher notes.

"The Calling" is a heavy opener, most notably during the break for the lead guitar solo, where a lot of double-bass drumming is added. "Black Spirit" slows a bit down in terms of tempo and heaviness. While the opening riffs are powerful, heaviness is eased off during the verse parts. The vocals are collaborative effort of both vocalists, and their contribution is the highlight of the track. "The Life You Left Behind" is introduced by the guitar melodies, which are the basis for the melodic framework of the track. It is an easy-to-listen-track with catchy melodies. The vocals are predominantly the female voice of Cecilia Petrini, while the male vocals support in the background. Highlight of the track is the extended lead guitar solo as it adds some heaviness to the track. "Castaways" is heavier than the preceding track at least at the beginning with powerful riffing. The riffing for the verse parts is tight, but altogether, it is another catchy track during the verse and chorus parts. The break, on the other hand, is super heavy and acts almost like a contra point to the rest of the track. The guitar melodies have a few oriental vibes. "Castaways" is the official video release, and the YouTube link is provided below.

"Brighter Days" is the first song at a slow tempo. Things become quieter which is notable already from the first guitar note onwards. The vocals are shared between both vocalists equally, where this ballad-esque song works more towards the vocal strengths of Stefano Sain. "Brighter Days" is a very short song, which is a bit unusual for a slow song. The relatively abrupt end came a bit as a surprise to me. "(R)evolution" turns up the heat and heaviness with thunderous riffing. Cecilia Petrini, predominantly performs the vocals, while the male vocals include many harsh vocal elements. I like the fact that the female vocals are more versatile compared to most songs on the album by including many higher notes, which makes Cecilia Petrini a bit sounding like LACUNA COIL's Cristina Scabbia. "Forbidden Desire" starts with heavy riffing at mid-tempo. During the verse part, the guitars are subdued while the basslines and female vocals drive the song. The catchy chorus parts include powerful riffs, and both vocalists contributing equally with many tonal shifts towards higher notes.

The final part of the album is a trilogy of the title song "Event Horizon". Part one is called "Gravity" and it is an electronic pre-lude building up tension. Part two is called "Entropy" and this one follows the same pattern as many album songs: heavy start with powerful riffing, followed by easy digestible verse parts and heavier, but catchy chorus parts. "Entropy" is a mid-tempo track without any twists in tempo and rhythm. The vocals are shared, where the male vocals contribute more to the almost anthemic chorus parts. Highlight of the track are the lead guitar contributions including the solo. Part 3 is called "Singularity" and it continues with the melodic framework established during part one and two. It is a post-lude performed by the piano and the female vocals and a perfect outro to the album.

SINHERESY deliver an album, which follows well-tried patterns of modern melodic Metal. "Event Horizon" surely has its moments, for example the lead guitar contribution and the collaboration of both vocalists. However, each song is easy to digest, and catchiness is the main priority, which makes the album songs easy to predict. This lack of versatility and complexity is a missed opportunity. The album is well produced. "Event Horizon" will surely have its share of fans. Is it going to be an album that remains in the memory? Time will tell but I have some doubts.

7 / 10









"Event Horizon" Track-listing:

1. The Calling
2. Black Spirit
3. The Life You Left Behind
4. Castaways
5. Brighter Days
6. (R)evolution
7. Forbidden Desire
8. Event Horizon I: Gravity
9. Event Horizon II: Entropy
10. Event Horizon III: Singularity

Sinheresy Lineup:

Stefano Sain - Vocals
Cecilia Petrini - Vocals, Piano
Lorenzo Pasutto ­ Guitars
Gabriele Boz - Drums
Davide Sportiello - Bass, Keyboards

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