Place of Chains


SINGULARITY formed in Arizona, USA, in 2010. Depending on who you ask, they are Technical […]
October 9, 2019
Singularity - Place of Chains album cover

SINGULARITY formed in Arizona, USA, in 2010. Depending on who you ask, they are Technical Black or Technical Death Metal. They release their debut self-titled album in 2014, and now are back with their sophomore effort, titled "Place of Chains," which contains nine new tracks.

"Bellum" leads off the album, opening with an electronic, dark melody complete with piano notes. Some light symphonic notes pepper the landscape as well. A steady gallop of drumming ushers in some lead guitar notes as well. "Victory or Death" is a somber offering, slightly Black Metal-ish but done with precise instrumentation, tight as ever. The vocals vary from guttural utterances to higher screams. The band stretches back and shows off their chops here as well, especially drummer Nathan Bigelow, who keeps time with the precision of a Swiss made watch.

"Sisyphean Cycle" is longer song, clocking in at over six minutes. It opens slowly and with a fairly traditional Black Metal song, but the symphonic elements add a layer of depth. When the main riff hits, it's powerful and aggressive. It waxes and wanes a bit, never quite committing to one speed. The piano notes keep the melody alive, and it's a fascinating combination. "Ritual of Regret" is about half as long. Speedy riffs and time maneuvering come straight at you and from all around you, as if you are being attacked by invisible enemies everywhere in the dark. "Consume and Assume" features a keyboard melody in the midst of chaotic riffing and dark, evil vocals. The intensity never lets's like the energizer bunny with ever-charged batteries.

"Desmoterion" is full of meter shifts, symphonic elements, and pig squeals. The piano elements are wonderful...sounding like they come from a skeletal figure at the ivories whom, if you make eye contact with, you turn to dust. The keyboard interlude is both dark and beautiful at the same time. "Serpentes, Eternal" is a faster moving song out of the gates, again with brilliant drumming. The melody line is pounded into your head like a spike. "Dark Receptors" has an ominous sound with plenty of darkness to fill in all the corners. Try to count the meter's nearly impossible.

"As Dark as this Nefarious Night" opens with a more traditional Black Metal sound, slow and easy and with keys. It begins to turn slowly, like a snake shedding its skin. Once the drums come in, it's over...and the chaos ensues. A groovy rhythm ensues and you find yourself nodding along. The ending sequence is pure darkness personified. Overall, I marvel at the band's musicianship, and don't even try to categorize this music. At its base, it is Black Metal, but expanded into many different directions. The strength of the album comes from the level of darkness that permeates the tracks, and the level of skill it takes to create something this tight. They remind me of OBSCURA, without some of the blatant melodies.

8 / 10









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"Place of Chains" Track-listing:

1. Bellum
2. Victory or Death
3. Sisyphean Cycle
4. Ritual of Regret
5. Consume and Assume
6. Desmoterion
7. Serpentes, Eternal
8. Dead Receptors
9. As Dark as this Nefarious Night

Singularity Lineup:

Jack Fliegler - Guitar/Vocals
Nathan Bigelow - Drums
Adam King - Bass Guitar/Vocals
Nick Pompliano - Keyboards/Vocals

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