Divine Ways of Chaos

Single Bullet Theory

Formed in 2000, from Philadelphia, P.A. SINGLE BULLET THEORY released their fifth full-length album October […]
By Kayla Hutton
December 29, 2018
Single Bullet Theory - Divine Ways of Chaos album cover

Formed in 2000, from Philadelphia, P.A. SINGLE BULLET THEORY released their fifth full-length album October 19, 2018. However, this does mark the first independent release and the band had total control of every aspect of "Divine ways of Chaos"SBT waste no time as the opener "All the same" drops in with some funky bass and multitasking drums. The vocals are audible, angry, and mean business. The guitar tone is a little thin but the playing is pretty damn good. Sweep accents, palm mutes, and tight open notes played at a fast tempo. The midsection of the song has some interesting chugging and rolls that will throw your nodding head a little off. The track ends with a guitar lead that is melodic, fast, short and sweet.

The guitar playing reminds me a little of EXODUS "Force of Habit", while the vocals are significantly leaning more towards audible death metal. At times it seems like the drums lack a punchy bottom end and the kick can sound a little tom-ish. Which audio production shouldn't damage a band, but it does. Not fair because this guy is seriously sick and knows exactly when to do what. "Bleeding for you" kind of threw me a little when the other style deep vocals were joined by a voice very similar to Rob Halford (JUDAS PRIEST) "Painkiller" era. It fits but it doesn't. Sorry to say it but it's a little cheesy.

"Damnation" begins with a Native American flute and a suspenseful atmosphere. Followed up quickly with a solo vocal line that shakes hands with a simplistic and melodic lead. The direction of the track thus far seems extremely powerful and meaningful. The drums are extremely interactive during the verse line before approaching the end of the tunnel the vocals are tag-teamed between 2 singers. Some clean singing with background screams and growls. It's the melodic lead that is really driving this song and making it a soul gripper. With a mixed feel best described as a hint of AVENGED SEVENFOLD as a death metal band, elements of melodic death metal, yet some of the track is even commercially listener friendly. No doubt here is the hidden gem on "Divine Ways of Chaos".

Overall, SINGLE BULLET THEORY has a matured sound that is extremely diverse, and that isn't just because of all the guest appearances. They can blast, groove, sing, growl, be melodic and downright vicious. The album really gets good around the midpoint and finishes strong enough to get rid of the few tracks that left my jaw open while scratching my head as my finger clicked, Next. It's really hard to pigeonhole these guys into a specific genre. The originality and ability to be a master of all trades is gripping enough to keep any listener entertained.

8 / 10









"Divine Ways of Chaos" Track-listing:

1. All the Same
2. Fire From The Sky
3. The Arena
4. Bleeding For You
5. Into The Afterglow
6. Last Train Out
7. Born Of Revolution
8. Divine Ways Of Chaos
9. Damnation
10. Paralyzed

Single Bullet Theory Lineup:

Matt DiFabio - Vocals, Guitar
Bill Mez - Bass
Rich Gulczynski - Guitar
Rob Gladden - Drums

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