Seven Sins A Second


Finland. A beautiful country, with lots of lakes during the summer, lots of snow in […]
By Harry Papadopoulos
November 7, 2007
Sinamore - Seven Sins A Second album cover

Finland. A beautiful country, with lots of lakes during the summer, lots of snow in the winter, nice people and lots of alcohol. Some things that our friend from Finland exports are wood, cell phones and metal! Some bands are brilliant, some are average and some are crap. Lets see where SINAMORE are going to be with their second album, Seven Sins A Second.
Childhood friends, Mikko Heikkila, Jarno Uski and Miika Hostikka, gave birth to SINAMORE in 1998, at Hamina, a town in south Finland. In 2002, under the name HALFLIFE, the band recorded as a trio their first demo My Grace, followed by two more :Agony and She The Devil. Later Tommi Muhi joined the band as a second guitarist, and together they recorded the Sleeping Away demo. SINAMORE released their last demo in 2004 which was called Follow Into The Cry. Two years later, already singed with Napalm Records, SINAMORE's debut album A New Day was in stores, followed by Seven Sins A Second this year.
To tell you truth, I didn't know about SINAMORE before this album fell into my hands. The first time I pushed the play button, and heard the intro, or as the title of the first track is Outro, and the first riff of Better Alone (one of the best songs in the album), I thought that I would listen something close to PARADISE LOST albums such as Symbol Of Life and Believe In Nothing. I was wrong. Despite the rock/goth parts in every song, they are closer to RAUNCHY than the gothic/metal stepfathers PARADISE LOST. The album has a nu-metal aesthetic, with some riffs here and there, saying we want be play like PARADISE LOST, but we can't.
Seven Sins A Second is a mediocre album that the I-want-to-be-gothic types of listeners will love, but all the others won't. With titles like Everything Ends and Far For A Deam (how original titles!), and all that tears, SINAMORE won't achieve much. Other bands do it much better and we like them! And please can someone tell to Mikko Heikkila NOT to try grind vocals again?

4 / 10

Nothing special

"Seven Sins A Second" Track-listing:

Better Alone
Silence So Loud
Dressed In White
Frozen Mile
The Burning Frame
Everything Ends
Unbreakable Calm
Far From A Dream
Eyes Of Mary

Sinamore Lineup:

Mikko Heikkila - Vocals, Guitar
Jarno Uski - Bass
Tommi Muhli - Guitar
Miika Hostikka - Drums

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