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Sin Theta

Founded in 2014, SIN THETA is a Progressive Thrash metal band, featuring current and ex-members […]
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Founded in 2014, SIN THETA is a Progressive Thrash metal band, featuring current and ex-members of ACID REIGN, M PIRE OF EVIL, DEF CON ONE, BLITZKRIEG, CHAOS ASYLUM, and DECREPIT MONLITH. Their debut self-titled EP here contains five tracks. "Intro" is a short, mood-setting instrumental. Drums bang in the deep, along with some whispers and chanting. Bells and chimes are struck, setting an ominous tone for what is to come. It segues into "Thy Bloody Kingdom, Thy Bloody Deeds." It's the longest song on the album, at just under nine minutes in length. The familiar Thrash pattern quickly begins to take shape. The vocals are medium-range screams, and some of the Progressive elements come into play in the meter. It's nothing overly original, but it's done with passion and energy. The ambient passage about ¾ of the way through however is quite different for the genre, and it fits in nicely.

"Obsolescence" opens with clean guitars and harmonized clean vocals, in a pretty but dark ensemble. When the main riff hits, it's a bit on the Doomy side...slow and grinding. Macdonald or Laverick lays down a pretty nice solo as well. "The Everflowing Tide" is a short instrumental piece, with somber clean guitars and an air of mystery. A riff pattern develops between the clean acoustical guitar and the solitary lead guitars. "Nefarious" closes the album, with an opening scream and mid-tempo energetic guitars. The clean vocals in the chorus are harmonized and bring a different element to the heavy and aggressive riff. At about the half way mark, it take a raucous turn, speeding up in tempo and in the vocal delivery. It ends on a slow grind to the finish.

Overall, it was hard to evaluate the album with only five tracks, and two of them were short instrumentals. Two sounded somewhat similar, "Thy Bloody Kingdow, Thy Bloody Deeds," and "Nefarious," and I think this is the sound they were going for here for the most part. The music wasn't bad...a little thin in places, but the vocal style has been done before. I'm gonna half to wait to reserve full judgement until the band releases a full-length album, but the debt UP has's just not there yet.

6 / 10

Had Potential








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"Sin Theta" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. Thy Bloody Kingdom, Thy Bloody Deeds
3. Obsolescence
4. The Everflowing Tide
5. Nefarious

Sin Theta Lineup:

Lundi Reed - Vocals
Guy Laverick - Rhythm/Lead Guitar
Jason Macdonald - Rhythm/Lead Guitar
Craig Elliott - Bass
Marc Jackson - Drums

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