Das Leben Vor Dem Tod

Simple Existenz

This review was definitely not the easiest I have ever written since the only things […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
March 10, 2010
Simple Existenz - Das Leben Vor Dem Tod album cover

This review was definitely not the easiest I have ever written since the only things I had were a folder with some mp3's and a pdf file that included only the tracklist. Like if this wasn't "enough", I come across a Myspace page and a site that were written in German (ONLY) and didn't even mention if this guy is the only one involved here, if there are any session musicians or guest appearances etc.

The fact is that after listening to the album I already had to deal with a not so ordinary act, so things got even more difficult. After lots of search I found out that this is a one man project of NAGELFAR's former guitarist Zorn. This is his debut album through the same label that used to release the NAGELFAR albums.

SIMPLE EXISTENZ's music is surely drawing influences from NAGELFAR, although you will find a more epic and emotional atmosphere surrounding the songs. The style varies from classic Black Metal tunes (with even some Heavy Metal influences here and there) to more Avant Garde passages. The vocals also help to these changes, but sometimes end up sounding just ridiculous, like in "Schaben" where Zorn sounds like a really bad version of Varg Vikernes.

Anyway, this philosophical Black Metal with raw production just to have this underground essence is not really what I would suggest to someone, at least not this specific band. I'll stick to my NAGELFAR...

5 / 10


"Das Leben Vor Dem Tod" Track-listing:
  1. Der Sterbende Mann
  2. Die See
  3. Auf Der Jagd
  4. Helden Dieser Welt
  5. Im Fruhjahrsschnee
  6. Harren Und Hoffen
  7. Mein Licht
  8. Schaben
Simple Existenz Lineup:

Zorn - Vocals, All Instruments

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