Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet is a Finnish power metal band, formed in 2008. They were initially called […]
By Bruno Diniz
March 23, 2023
Silver Bullet - Shadowfall album cover

Silver Bullet is a Finnish power metal band, formed in 2008. They were initially called Dirge Eternal, but they soon changed their name. After released "Screamworks" in 2016 and Mooncult in 2019 the band presents their newest work entitled "Shadowfall " through the renowned Reaper Entertainment. The first track of the album is "Overture To Armageddon" works as a intro that brings lots of opera and lyrics elements and opens room for "Shadow Of A Curse" which brings an energic and melodic rhythm, everything that you can expect from a good traditional power metal band is here, great vocals, strong and emotional chorus, guitar solos and on.

"The Ones To Fall" starts with an amazing job on lead guitars, this song slow down a bit the pace regarding its antecessor flirting to being a strong ballad, this song reminded me some of Avantasia feelings, mostly when it reaches it chorus. "Creatures Of The Night" has calmer and stronger passages, this song pleases me a lot, especially regarding the work done by the lead guitars, who act mainly when it slow down, bringing some kind of peace and inner breath.  "Soul Reaver" strikes down with all the power the band can show. The ferocity is present in all its duration, it is possible to feel in a medieval war wielding his sword with the drums pulsing at all times in the best style of good old Rhapsody. "...And Then Comes Oblivion" works as a counterpoint to "Soul Reaver" being a very traditional ballad.

"Dusk Of Dawn" in its first moments already proves to be a track destined to be very interesting to be play live, the strong markings and its Tempo fluctuations are sure of success for the public present in their shows. "The Thirteen Nails" ends the work, with lots of opera influences. The new project of "Silver Bullet" presents a good quality, lots of big bands influences and a constructive development.

7 / 10









"Shadowfall" Track-listing:

1. Overture To Armageddon
2. Shadow Of A Curse
3. The Ones To Fall
4. Creatures Of The Night
5. Soul Reaver
6. ...And Then Comes Oblivion
7. Nighthunter
8. Dusk Of Dawn
9. Falling Dawn
10. The Thirteen Nails

Silver Bullet Lineup:

Ossi Elonen - Bass
Patrik Albrecht - Drums
Henri Asikainen -Guitars
Hannes Horma - Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
Bruno Proveschi - Vocals

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