Wow, a band that puts its (beautiful) singer on the front cover. How original... Not! […]
By Michael Dalakos
May 1, 2006
Silentium - Seducia album cover

Wow, a band that puts its (beautiful) singer on the front cover. How original... Not! Though the artwork of Seducia can be considered as a really nice one, I backed up a little bit by seeing lovely Riina on the front cover. Come on, people, stop doing this. This is Metal and not Rap.
Well, enough with complaining. Though I expected to listen to another Theater Of Tragedy clone (unfortunately I haven't heard the band's previous works so I can't really make any comparisons), I was very happy to realize that this band has a strong personality. Yeah, of course there are similarities with the mentors of the genre but the sound can be described as original and really fresh to my ears.
Silentium started back in 1995 by members of a disbanded act called Funeral. Their first recording attempt was a four track Demo by the end of 1996 and was followed by a six songs EP titled Camine Misera in 1998. This led to a deal with Spikefarm and the first release was Infinita Plango Vulnera. A mini CD followed in 2001, titled SI.VM E.T A.V.VM and then another full length release, Altum.
Seducia is the band's latest attempt, with a new label this time. Gothic Metal (or Rock if you prefer) of the highest level with lots of mood swings, of course all based upon the primary color: grey. The band is well experienced and manages to avoid creating a simple oh baby, why did you leave me Gothic kind of album. The outcome? A damn interesting case of an album that can touch a vast majority of listeners, even some people outside the Metal scene. At times it gets really radio-friendly and some of you might not approve this. I strongly disagree with those people; what's wrong with being radio-friendly?
Anyway, I managed to listen to Seducia several times in a row and I never got bored, not even by one track. This album seems to stand strong in my test of time. Fans of the genre will definitely like this one.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Seducia" Track-listing:

Hangman's Lullaby
Dead Silent
Children Of Chaos
Empress Of The Dark

Silentium Lineup:

Sami Boman - Keyboards & Backing vocals
Riina Rinkinen - Vocals
Matti Aikio - Bass & Groaning
Juha Lehtioksa - Guitar
Jari Ojala - Drums
Toni Lahtinen - Guitar

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