Conquer & Command

Silent Knight

I am always apprehensive when I listen to any Power Metal album, I have taken […]
By Johnny Jackal
March 29, 2016
Silent Knight - Conquer & Command album cover

I am always apprehensive when I listen to any Power Metal album, I have taken my distances since the early 2000's because I was sick and tired of the non-evolution of the genre. I felt every band was copying one another and it was a never-ending loop, but I took my time to listen to SILENT KNIGHT's album "Conquer & Command" very thoroughly so I could really judge it as best as I could. The first song is ''A Call to Arms'', it's an instrumental song with very powerful intro, always a great way to begin a Power Metal album. "A Call to Arms" is a great instrumental track that gets you in the mood. The second song is ''Conquer and Command'', not to be confused with the good old Command and Conquer computer game from back in the day! I felt this sounded a lot like some IRON MAIDEN, the cornerstone of a lot of bands in the Power Metal genre. The vocalist sounds a bit like Timo Kotipelto from STRATOVARIUS on this particular song. The third song is ''Empty Threat'', this song is a departure from Power Metal and sounds more like traditional Heavy Metal, including the epic guitar solo at the beginning. I felt this sounded a lot like some old HELLOWEEN in the period where they recorded ''Ride the Sky''.

The fourth song is ''Prisoner of Your World''. The beginning of this track sounds like some classic IRON MAIDEN and becomes more a traditional Power Metal song afterwards which reminded  me of early GAMMA RAY, the band Kai Hansen left HELLOWEEN for. The fifth song is ''Call of the Crow'', it begins with an awesome guitar and drum solo and there aren't much vocals on this one, this leaves a lot of space and time to every member of the group. Despite the lack of vocals, "Call of the Crow" is a very upbeat song that has some killer solos. The sixth song is ''Strike of the Sword", this track begins with a great keyboard solo that leads into a drum solo. This is probably the faster song off the album, it reminded me a lot of early JUDAS PRIEST (especially the high notes of the singer) but with a Power Metal twist! In the middle of the song, there is an awesome guitar solo that sounds like something DRAGONFORCE would come up with.

The seventh song is ''Raven's Return'', this sounded like a LABYRINTH track, especially the vocal elements of the song. The production on this track seems to be the most polished on the album. The eighth song is ''One by One'', it sounds like a classic traditional Power Metal song but falls a little bit flat, the harsh vocals on the chorus don't fit at all and this lacks the energy from the previous songs. The ninth song is ''Power Metal Supreme'', and, well, the title says it all. It's like a hymn or an anthem for all Power Metal fans out there. The track has Extremely catchy riffs and some really nice backing vocals. This track seems like an homage to their predecessors in the genre and it's my favourite track off of the album. The last song is ''Final Countdown'', a cover of the EUROPE classic. The vocals equal those of the original but the guitar riffs sound a little bit wonky, like the guitars were slightly out of tune which hurt the overall quality of the cover but it's still pretty solid!

8 / 10









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"Conquer & Command" Track-listing:

1. A Call to Arms
2. Conquer & Command
3. Empty Threat
4. Prisoner of Your World
5. The Call of the Crow
6. The Strike of the Sword
7. The Raven's Return
8. One by One
9. Power Metal Supreme
10. Final Countdown (Europe Cover)

Silent Knight Lineup:

Jesse Onur Oz - Vocals
Cam Nicholas - Lead Guitar
Stu McGill - Guitar
Cameron Daw - Bass
Paul Wrigley - Drums

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