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Good day Metal-Temple, it's been a while, but I'm happy to be back with SILENT […]
By Sebastien "Bass" Parent
July 22, 2016
Silent Images - Knightfall album cover

Good day Metal-Temple, it's been a while, but I'm happy to be back with SILENT IMAGES' "Knightfall". This is the first full-length album from this Swedish band. They characterize themselves as Progressive Death/Trash Metal; and I'd say this definition is spot on. Their style of music is a mix of metal monsters like AMON AMARTH and IN FLAMES.

The album opens up with a gripping speech in "Prologue: Cry Havoc". It puts you in the right mood to get into "Unleash The Dogs Of Wars"; the song has a relentless beat with multiple vocal tones, from the high Trash tone, to the deep growl of Death. This song should fulfil your metal needs.

The next three songs oscillate between Trash and Death. "Praefectus Nastrum" even incorporates some Progressive aspects with a few changes in tempo to bring us a beautiful melody. "Realpolitik" and "I Am The City (Je Suis La Nuit)" are dipping a bit more into Death Metal tonality, whilst maintaining that IN FLAMES sound at the same time; you can clearly see the influence the aforementioned band has on SILENT IMAGES.

"Tick-Tock" has to be my favourite song of this album. The change in tone and tempo mixed in with a growling melody brings you a depth of sound that actually reminds me more of bands like MOONSPELL; this song is six and a half minutes of pure amazement.

The intricate vocal sounds of songs like "Brethren's Burden" and "Rise, Narcissus, Rise!" is what brings these songs to life. Musically, it's nothing particularly new, but vocally they justify their reasons for existence. Obviously the musical aspects also complement the vocal dimensions of the song admirably, but Mithun's voice is truly the central point of the band.

This is definitely a band to look out for. They could evolve to be one of the best in their style. Give them a chance to bring you into their world, they could surprise you.

7 / 10









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"Knightfall" Track-listing:
  1. Prologue: Cry Havoc
  2. Unleash the Dogs of War
  3. Praefectus Nostrum
  4. Realpolitik
  5. I Am the City (Je Suis La Nuit)
  6. Tick-Tock
  7. Außenpolitik
  8. Brethren's Burden
  9. Rise, Narcissus, Rise!
  10. Ignotum
  11. Epilogue: Of Fervid Custodians
Silent Images Lineup:

Manolo Beltran - Drums
David Sosa - Guitars
Renzo Jaldin - Bass
Mithun MK - Vocals 

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