Silence Is Spoken

  "11" is the third album from UK-formed, Italy-based HardRock/Metal/Crossover band, SILENCE IS SPOKEN. The […]
By Ashley O'Brien
January 29, 2023
Silence is Spoken - 11 album cover


"11" is the third album from UK-formed, Italy-based HardRock/Metal/Crossover band, SILENCE IS SPOKEN. The album experience is akin to opening a time capsule to the alt-metal music scene from the 90s. While managing to sound fresh and unique, SILENCE IS SPOKEN conjures the memory and spirit of 90s rock legends like ALICE IN CHAINS and STONE TEMPLE PILOTS. This album is an unmistakable treat for any fan of the groovy, crunchy, low/ slow, intense sounds that distinguish 90s alt-metal from other genres.

Across the album, SILENCE IS SPOKEN brings moody grooves and great bass lines, straight from the opening song "A Good God." With an impressive underlying bass line, and a beat with an energetic pop, the song is a little funky, steady yet hardhitting. Samuele Camiciottoli exhibits great skills as a vocalist, channeling that edgy, understated yet controlled sound from the 90s. He sounds excellent in "Game Over," which has a good melody, fun vocalizations, and grungy guitars, especially in the second half.  The album gets a bit harder in "1000 Petaled Lotus," a moody song that builds in emotion and intensity along the nearly 8-minute track.

Most unusual on the album is the track, "3Lateral Kingdom." Perhaps the most blatantly political on the album, the song features audio clips, and a spoken word style of singing that gives the song a very different sound and feel than the rest of the album. With that being said, the track features some great music and excellent effects, especially the last minute which is all instrumental. In that last minute, the music absolutely rocks, and demonstrates the band's skill in writing music, an interesting feat considering the unusual nature of the rest of the song.

Finally, the album ends with "Genesis 19/24." At 9 minutes 4 seconds, the song takes listeners on quite a journey.  A bit reminiscent of a TOOL song, "Genesis 19/24" travels through intense, moody sections into hard-hitting, angry verses, and a long, pretty piano piece, ending the album on a haunting note.

While missing the dated feel that usually accompanies a time capsule, SILENCE IS SPOKEN channels some of the greatest rock legends of the 90s to create a unique yet faithful addition to the alt-metal compendium, extending the 90s to right here an

8 / 10









"11" Track-listing:

1. A Good God
2. War ABC Song
3. 1984
4. Game Over
5. 1000 Petaled Lotus
6. Mud Bones Words
7. 3Lateral Kingdom
8. Genesis 19/24

Silence Is Spoken Lineup:

Samuele Camiciottoli - lead vocals
Alessandro Curradi (founder) - bass, piano, synth, and backing vocals
Maurizio D'ario - lead guitar, backing vocals
Lorenzo Panchetti (founder) - drums, percussion, and synth

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