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 SIGNUM REGIS, is a power Christian rock band hailing from Slovakia, formed by bass player and songwriter Ronnie […]
December 12, 2022
Signum Regis - Exodus album cover

 SIGNUM REGIS, is a power Christian rock band hailing from Slovakia, formed by bass player and songwriter Ronnie Konig in 2007. With their self-titled debut release in 2008 and following up with nine more full length albums and EP's.  The band released their first live album in June 2022 from a concert in Switzerland, appropriately titled "Made in Switzerland". Their third album "Exodus" has just been re-mixed and re-mastered by Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT, EVERGREY, AMARANTHE) and re-issued on October 7, 2022 by Ulterium Records, it's a historical concept album from the Old Testament about the Israelites who were enslaved in ancient Egypt. An incredibly interesting storyline whose origin is explained by Konig: "Except from the HELLOWEEN cover, I would say, that it is a pure concept album. Few years ago, I wrote 3 songs: Let Us Go!, Wrath Of Pharaoh and Exodus. Honestly, I can't remember, what was the inspiration to write such lyrics. Probably, I was reading the Bible or watching the Moses movie. One way or the other, those 3 songs were meant to be together. The idea to record a full-length album came from Emil Westerdahl of Ulterium Records. He liked the idea so much, that he suggested, that we write more songs and release it all together as a concept album... and we did." With such a complex, diverse, and  deep album concept, the band decided to bring in a number of guest vocalists to help bring their vision to life, all but three songs feature a new and different singer complementing lead singer Jota Fortinho, jeezz, enough information already, let's get into this biblical opera, See ya all on the other side.

Opening with "On the Nile" a pretty, mood setting instrumental with glowing nimble acoustic guitar teased with some classical flutes and an angelic church choir leads into cold, blasting riffs, clean, raw vocals of "Enslaved" captured with mellifluous harmonizing and a fiery guitar solo finishing up. "The Promised Land" opens somber with symphonic sound that takes off to a vicious, ramming speed tempo with a nice, kick-ass guitar solo to wrap it up. Harsh vocals set the tone for "Let Us Go", a more darkened song than the others that slows to a mid-tempo, dirty riff ending with a guitar shred fest. The truest metal song is "The Ten Plagues", with screaming guitars, powerful riffs, bone shattering drums beats all connected by engrossing vocals. "Song of Deliverance" is the album's longest and most adventuristic offering and brings the only female guest vocalist to the microphone, Daisa Munhoz (VANDROYA), to deliver a moody, sinful atmosphere of the tormented painful acts of the albums concept.

The use of multi-vocalists is aways a risk and pairing that with a very complex and personal concept album doubles the gamble. The diverse moods of each song works for the most part  with each guest vocalist bringing their own style and technique, with some delivering a more heavy, dark sound and others with a mellower, somber dressing. Will "Exodus" make the "team photo" of concept albums, no, but it is an interesting listen and has enough good songs and inspired lyrics that deserve your attention.Exodus - YouTube

7 / 10









"Exodus" Track-listing:

1. On the Nile
2. Enslaved (feat. Thomas Winkler)
3. The Promised land (feat. Michael Vescera)
4. Let Us Go (feat. Eli Prinsen)
5. Wrath of Pharaoh (feat. Samuel Nyman)
6. The Ten Plagues (Matt Smith)
7. Last Days in Egypt
8. Exodus (feat. Lance King)
9. Song of Deliverance (feat. Daisa Munhoz, Lance King, Matt Smith)
10. Mountain of God (feat Mayo Petranin)
11. Sole Survivor (Goran Edman)
12. Enslaved

Signum Regis Lineup:

Jota Fortinho - vocals
Ronnie Konig - bass
Filip Kolus - guitar
Jan Tupy - keyboards, backing vocals
Jaro Jancula - drums

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