SIGH is a Japanese Black Avant-Garde Metal band and they came together in 1990 in […]
By Paulomaniaco
May 9, 2015
Sigh - Graveward album cover

SIGH is a Japanese Black Avant-Garde Metal band and they came together in 1990 in Tokyo and did a couple of Demos back then before "Requiem For Fools" 7'' EP was released in 1992 and since then they have been pretty active and having already released nine full length albums up to 2012. When I think about Japanese Metal bands all comes to my mind are the likes of METAL LUCIFER, LOUDNESS, SABBAT, FAST KILL, I mean some awesome Speed Thrash Metal bands and also the Japanese are known for being extreme Metal Heads, having saying that, Japan is also known for producing lots of crap stuff like J. Pop shit. To be honest I can't really work it out what SIGH is all about, too many things going on at the same time, too many instruments and I think the music loses a bit of its personality, it is not that bad but it sounds very strange, I would much prefer to be listening to METAL LUCIFER.

In "Kaedit Nos Pestis" I like the guitars to begin with, vocals are also good very aggressive but then you have other things going on, vocals changing style and electronic shit mixed up, cool solos thou, "Graveyard" the song title is a mix of Metal and Pop, when the vocals stay hard that's cool but when changes to soft it sucks, the chorus are quite cool however. "The Tombfiller" is a decent track when the vocals are hard but then everything is spoiled by the soft, weak vocals; the musical arrangements are very good, very Power Metal and I like that, but the rest I don't like. "The Forlorn" is very heavy song with nice riffs and a very cool vibe is created, the vocals are excellent and I like the slow tempo with a touch of Doom and very interesting solos, one of the best songs on the CD.

As I said before it is not a bad album, perhaps a little different and complex and you see that on "The Molester Of My Soul". There are lots of things going on, strange noises and all sorts of instruments, very theatrical indeed and again the solos are fucking good and then "Out Of The Grave" blows in your face with a fast pace, fast drumming and aggressiveness with nice melodies, that's more like what I like, very cool changes of pace with some rather strange and pleasant noise and the solos are top notch, great song.

"The Trial By The Dead" is another good song; nothing new in here, lots of things happening, I think the CD gets better along the way and "The Casketburner" delivers more killer solos and great vocals and the touch of Jazz adds something extra to the song. The electronic solos are excellent and the guitar kills again, awesome stuff and the song ends in a very cool way, space noises from another dimension with evil vocals, cool as hell!

"The Messenger From Tomorrow" is the longest song on the CD and it starts off with an epic atmosphere, nice solos and cool chanting, very melodic song with so many things happening. I like it; maybe it will take you a few listening to get into this album and bringing the curtains down is "Dwellers In A Dream". Again the vocals are excellent, fast pace and aggressive, yet lots of melodies I like the backing vocals as well and the riffs are very nice too, I mean this is a very good album, production is very good, great job done by Candlelight Records and the artwork is excellent.

So I guess Japan has much more to offer other then LOUDNESS and METAL LUCIFER.

10 / 10


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"Graveward" Track-listing:

1. Kaedit Nos Pestis
2. Graveward
3. The Tombfiller
4. The Forlorn
5. The Molesters Of My Soul
6. Out Of The Grave
7. The Trial By The Dead
8. The Casketburner
9. A Message From Tomorrow
10. Dwellers In A Dream

Sigh Lineup:

Mirai Kawashima - Vocals, Keyboards, Orchestrations, etc.
Dr. Mikannibal - Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Saxophones, Vocals
Satoshi Jujinami - Bass, Drums
You Oshima - Guitars
Junichi Harashima - Drums

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