Godsaga (Reissue)


This is another release by the multi-instrumentalist from London, Ontario. I did not know that […]
By Johnny Jackal
February 17, 2016
SIG:AR:TYR - Godsaga (Reissue) album cover

This is another release by the multi-instrumentalist from London, Ontario. I did not know that this was the last of a Norse trilogy, to be honest. I guess you can say that there is a link between all of those releases, but I did not notice it was an actual trilogy.

SIG:AR:TYR stays in the Folk and Dark Ambient style but this album has much more Metal elements than the previous releases. A lot of people I know whom are fans of the band were concerned by the shift in question. They seem to really enjoy the very nature of Folk Music from SIG:AR:TYR and it reminded them a lot of elements from OF THE WAND AND THE MOON.

Deamonskald still continues to concentrate on acoustic guitars especially on ''Nights All Nine'' and it's probably my favorite track off the album. It reminds me a lot of the songs on the previous two albums of this famous trilogy.

There is one really powerful track and it's ''Midwinter Sacrifice''. This might the most complex song he has ever written. There is an omnipresence of distorted guitars, which is a nice touch and does differ from anything he has done before. The vocals on this one are gut-wrenching and you can feel the emotion throughout the harshness. It's one of the slower songs he has offered thus far.

The reissues of the trilogy are much better than the original versions. The production is way better and you can also see the musical progression of the band. He started very Dark Ambient and Folk and he has drifted towards more heavy stuff. Sometimes it reminds me of the complexity of AUTHOR AND PUNISHER on some of the songs on this album. It's not that chaotic but it has added textures and it's almost Prog Metal-esque.

This is SIG:AR:TYR's most complete offering even though there is less diversity than "Beyond the North Winds". He is much more polished with the sampling of diverse instruments and even the production is a notch better than the previous release.

Deamonskald adds much more vocals from release to release and is releasing a new album in March and I can't wait to hear it. He has added a number of band members and we might be able to have a complete tour in the near future; that would be really interesting to hear live! I recommend this album wholeheartedly!<

8 / 10


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"Godsaga (Reissue)" Track-listing:

1. Nights All Nine
2. Midwinter Sacrifice
3. Blood of the North
4. Black Sun's Bane
5. Eternal Return
6. Sleep of the Sword
7. Sonatorrek
8. Godsaga
9. Distant Northern Shore

SIG:AR:TYR Lineup:

Deamonskald - All Instruments, All Vocals

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