Plagued Be Thy Angel


I'm certain that most of you, creatures of the dark side, have at least heard […]
By Chris Manouras
March 17, 2002
Siebenburgen - Plagued Be Thy Angel album cover

I'm certain that most of you, creatures of the dark side, have at least heard of the name of Siebenbürgen, and their dark, vampyric metal.
Plagued Be Thy Angel is their fourth release, qualified by fierceness and some pretty heavy guitar riffs.
The progress made ever since Loreia (their debut album) is radical. Their latest album is more technical than ever, well worked, with fast and ferocious guitar riffs and solos, while Kiki Höijertz's angelic voice adds a bittersweet tone of divinity and makes a perfect match with Marcus Ehlin's ravishing, vampire screams.
The sound is exquisite as well, also due to Micke Bergström's participation in the production, while the cover is not like the vampyric ones of the past  and predisposes for something different than before.
Another point to consider is that almost all the lyrics are in English, something that was first imposed on their previous album (Delictum)
Each song is filled with feelings of grimness and sometimes travels the listener to dark mystic places and forgotten woods of the folklore. Yet one could say that the heavy and technical guitars in some parts decrease these dark, mystic elements and make the band deviate from its original vampyric-black-metal course (carved by Loreia and Grimjaur). I consider it as a minor mischief that is vanished by the imposing greatness of the whole album.
A rather interesting feature is the adaptation of Judas Priest' s Jawbreaker which is rendered according to the personal style of Siebenbürgen with quite a success.
This album is indubitably worth checking, even from those faithful to the more traditional black metal scene.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Plagued Be Thy Angel" Track-listing:

Plagued Be Thy Angel
Destination Supremacy
Father Of All Lies
The Night Alit
For The Ones Who Sleep
Skändat Sinne
The Roses Bleed At Night
As Black As A Midnight Heart
Her Shadows Adored
Jawbreaker (bonus track;limited edition)

Siebenburgen Lineup:

Marcus Ehlin - Vocals
Anders Rosdahl - Drums
Fredrik Brockert - Bass
Richard Bryngelsson - Guitar
Linus Ekström - Guitar  (recently replaced by Fredrik Folkare)
Kiki Höijertz - Vocals    (recently replaced by Turid Walderhaug)

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