Evil Or Divine


Sweden's is a fertile ground for great musicians and SIDEBURN is the proof of this […]
By YngwieViking
May 20, 2015
Sideburn - Evil Or Divine album cover

Sweden's is a fertile ground for great musicians and SIDEBURN is the proof of this obvious statement...Evolving in a Melodic Doom Metal updated with some Vintage Classic Rock influences and even some sliglty Stoner/Psychedelic or even Retro Progresssive flavors, SIDEBURN had a huge success with their last album "IV Monument" and they've returned here with their fifth release, "Evil or Divine" (an homage to the late R.J.DIO ?) with a new collaboration with the label Metalville Records.

Originally formed back in 1997, the band signed to the Italian label Beard of Stars/Vinyl Magic in 2000 and soon after released their debut album "Trying To Burn The Sun"...Very recommended stuff! From there, the quartet would go on to release their second album "The Newborn Sun" in 2007, followed by "Demon Dance" in 2010, and in 2012's the aforementioned "IV Monument" - both via Transubstans Records.

Once again their genuine balance of diverse style is in perfect coherence with the sonic structure heard in their latest output and with their solid reputation ...With some groovy moments that push the Heaviness to another level of force and power, the modern approach and the hypnotic elements are definitively the best way to overshadows the Archaïc formula!

If you enjoyed "IV Monument",the final result is a pretty similar equation,from the Darkened groove of "Masters and Slaves"/"Evil Ways" or the dramatic hyper gloomy slow pacing of "When Darkness Calls"/"The Day The Sun Died" (enhanced with some sublime soaring vocals) to the intricate riffage of "Sea of Sins"/"The Seer (Angel of Death)" to the atmospheric tendency of "The Day the Sun Died" to the spectacular vintage feel of the grand final track "Presence"...Obviously influenced by Plant/Bonham/Jones & Page...The music played remind me a mix of CANDELMASS (Thomas Vikström era), early SPIRITUAL BEGGARS and mostly THE QUILL.

A good improvement was made with the organic sound design that is as much rooted in the past than in the future magnifically produced and mixed by the master hands of Jonas Edler with Morgan Zocek and the other SIDEBURN members at B.A.S. Studio...It was mastered by Mats "Limpan" Lindfors (OPETH/KATATONIA) at the legendary Cutting Room studios in Stockholm, the enthusiastics fans of the band will be able to revel and can be even in expectation for a little more privilege than the early forecasting and take advantage of the new emerging guitar prowess of the band, indeed it should be noted the evident progress notably on the heavy guitar attacks now mixed with intense solos supported by a ultra regular rhythm section, as Dimitri Keiski & Morgan Zocek are building some huge walls of decidels with their axes..."Evil Or Divine" will lead SIDEBURN up to the next level of recognition...Easily recommended!

8 / 10


"Evil Or Divine" Track-listing:

1. Masters and Slaves
2. Sea of Sins
3. When Darkness Calls
4. The Seer (Angel of Death)
5. The Day The Sun Died
6. Evil Ways
7. Presence

Sideburn Lineup:

Dimitri Keiski - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Morgan Zocek - Guitar
Martin Karlsson - Bass, Organ
Fredrik Haake - Drums

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