Promo 2009

Show Your Face

SHOW YOUR FACE is band I didn't have the chance to know, although they have […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
February 9, 2010
Show Your Face - Promo 2009 album cover

SHOW YOUR FACE is band I didn't have the chance to know, although they have already released two more demo CD's before this promo. "Promo 2009" seems the best way to get to know the band and its music and since the guys were kind enough to send it over, why not write a review, too?

The band was formed in early 2007in Karditsa, Greece. Karditsa is where I actually originate from, so on the one hand I have some extra respect for those bands, but on the other hand I demand more. Unfortunately Karditsa has not offered something amazing... until now. SHOW YOUR FACE is a really pleasant surprise for me and this seems to be only the beginning...

...because this promo is just an appetizer for their upcoming debut full-length album entitled "Unleash". Their music is a modern groovy Thrashcore thingie with influences that range from PANTERA, SEPULTURA and MACHINE HEAD to LAMB OF GOD and AT THE GATES. Nice and solid riffs with a pretty tight rhythm section and a raw and aggressive singer are the only things these guys need to attract your attention. The production is also more than decent, and the choruses are sure to stick into your little brain and eventually make it explode!

This quartet seems to be making some promising first steps that will surely lead them to contract soon enough. They have already shared the stage with acts like SODOM, TANKARD, SEPTICFLESH, OMEN, HOMO IRATUS and more, so not even the live show seems to be something able to scare them. Check them out mates.

PS: No rating here since I will be impatiently waiting for their full-length release.


"Promo 2009" Track-listing:
  1. Innocent Cries
  2. Blessed
  3. Minus 56
  4. World Of Desires
Show Your Face Lineup:

Huge - Vocals
Achilleas - Guitar
Chris - Bass
Vis - Drums

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