State Of Desolation

Shotgun Justice

Metal maniacs, rejoice! The Thrasher returns to give you an insight; this time, hailing from […]
By Craig "Thrasher" Rider
August 27, 2016
Shotgun Justice - State Of Desolation album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! The Thrasher returns to give you an insight; this time, hailing from the glory of Germany – on SHOTGUN JUSTICE, performing Heavy Metal, signed via Kernkraftritter Records, on their debut album entitled: "State of Desolation".

Now this is a band I can relate to. I went in with low expectations but found myself quite surprised at this here quintet. SHOTGUN JUSTICE perform in Heavy Metal style that defines the genre with clarity; "State of Desolation" is an album that starts off with a massive bang. Immensely groovy riffery included with an utmost original sound to it that just defines the word: brutal. The tone tends to keep it very mid-tempo all throughout the album; which pleases my being it seems, I'm not going to compare with the quartet known as RAZOR (who has an album entitled "Shotgun Justice" but it doesn't seem like a necessary comparison just because they have coincident titles) as I have never listened to them before so...I don't have a right to compare really! But I'm going to go with my personal opinions, and without a doubt...I thoroughly enjoyed this record for what it was, some unique diversities that had me in an awe-inspired feel.

A diverse multitude of talents include Tobias Gross on drums, percussion and vocals all equally have this monophonic sound that continues to brutalize my eardrums and sounds pretty glorious. Erik "Kutte" Dembke on guitars have similar effects; all riffs has this nice mid-tempo range to it, combined with the efforts of Thomas "Tom" Schubart on bass, one can only imaging the scope of furious intentions this quintet unfold...but when you listen for yourself - expect a DENNER/SHERMANN style of sound production. Marco Kräft on vocals is pretty straight-forward; the classical style of Heavy Metal is notable with high-pitched screams and yells that fit the title SHOTGUN JUSTICE, lastly: Kai Brennecke on guitar unleashed similar excellence in the riffage that compels me to say that all have this really groovy production to "State Of Desolation". This is a record that accepts my brutal face of approval 100%.

"Proclamation Of War" begins the album with a short introduction that sets the tone throughout; with a message for the damned...brutalizing one's being with incredible, upbeat riffs: "Blood For Blood", first thing I noted is how clear the instrumentation is, as well as the vocals. Everything sounds clean and fresh; with an outright heavy sound production. Then we progress to "Blessed With Fire" which introduces a melodic side featuring guest female vocal appearances as well as thrashier guitar riffery. Adequately found in "Nothing Left To Fear", "Nemesis (A Global Killer)" and "The Scales Of Justice", all influentially showcases the classical Heavy Metal spectrum of the genre while keeping the instrumentation crisp and sharp. The musicianship in the record and band really verify their title: SHOTGUN JUSTICE. ...intentionally brutalizing consumers with a classical, yet unique production of quality for all Heavy Metal maniacs.

"Head Full Of Bullets", "Forsaken" and "Harvest The Storm" as aforementioned previously; blows my mind as if were a shotgun bullet, ravaging through my skull...only pleasurably with a rattling skull as I bang my head with power! And that power is SHOTGUN JUSTICE! Closing the album with the 9 minute epic of the titular track: "State Of Desolation" – proceeds to equate this record with more of the above,  and yet more with atmosphere and powerful harmonies that springs to mind 70s JUDAS PRIEST rock, ending with an enjoyable flute solo. For a debut album; I hereby declare that this band have outdone themselves on the originality ultimatum...memorably a belter, and yet we can all look forward to more of this (while young band who have been actively experimenting for years since 2003) band in the coming years – and hope for more material as the justice begins to grow! Horns and hails from me!9/10

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"State Of Desolation" Track-listing:

1. Proclamation Of War
2. Blood For Blood
3. Blessed With Fire
4. Nothing Left To Fear
5. Nemesis (A Global Killer)
6. The Scales Of Justice
7. Head Full Of Bullets
8. Forsaken
9. Harvest The Storm
10. State Of Desolation

Shotgun Justice Lineup:

Tobias Gross - Drums / Percussion / Backing Vocals
Erik "Kutte" Dembke - Guitars
Thomas "Tom" Schubart - Bass
Marco Kräft - Vocals
Kai Brennecke - Guitar

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