Shot At Dawn

Oslo, Norway based six piece Metal band SHOT AT DAWN have released a new EP, […]
By Aaron Eerdekens
December 7, 2015
Shot At Dawn - Legendary album cover

Oslo, Norway based six piece Metal band SHOT AT DAWN have released a new EP, called "Legendary". It is the follow up of their 2012 full length album called "White Trash Metal Brigade". Maybe they won't become legends with this EP, but that doesn't mean it's not a really great effort.

The EP starts with the title track, "Legendary". Straight from the beginning they make their intentions clear, and I guess those are to bring you some kickass metal songs. The song starts with a cool guitar riff and a piercing scream by one of the vocalists. What immediately springs in the ear is the dynamic between the two singers. They each have their individual trademark voice and they use them in a great way. It reminds me a bit of what THREE INCHES OF BLOOD does. It's all one big ball of energy, right until the end of the song.

And not just until the end of the song, but right until the end of the EP it seems. "Dark Design" does not come short at all in that matter. They keep on going like they started, with strong guitar riffs and voices that mark their efforts. It might be something IN FLAMES could have done. A little guitar solo near the middle of the song kicks off a change of rhythm, and for the good.
Next up is "Grind", which keeps them going the way they began. It's all a bit more of the same, but same equals some good shit in this case. Here the vocals have that nice interchanging flow again, like in the first song. The music is all just so straightforward, they know what they want to do and they just do it, no strings.

Finish they do with "Under The Surface", with another great guitar riff to put its mark on the song. If this wasn't an EP it might have gotten a bit old by the middle of a full length album. It is an EP though, and one of such great power and energy that it makes you want to catch them live someday. Make sure you do if you ever get the chance.

7 / 10


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"Legendary" Track-listing:

1. Legendary
2. Dark Design
3. Grind
4. Under The Surface

Shot At Dawn Lineup:

Aki Johannes Viitala - Drums
Alexander Klaeboe - Guitar
Christopher Marchand - Guitar
Espen Hagas - Bass
Jonathan Kjeldsen - Vocals
Martin Brathen - Vocals

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