Another Life

Shining Fury

I love bands where the drummer also happens to be the founder (Metallica - now […]
By Grigoris Chronis
February 26, 2006
Shining Fury - Another Life album cover

I love bands where the drummer also happens to be the founder (Metallica - now - excluded). Drummers are good men; they constantly drink beer, they are lucky enough to smash their kit first thing in the morning if they wish to plus they are not obliged to pay attention to what the guitarist(s) has to offer about 'playin' the song in another tone' since it does not change their drumming parts at all.
I opened up the CD's 'Media' section to take a look at Italian Shining Fury's photos. Ross Lukather is obviously the man you don't wanna mess around with (if you're a guy). Tall, long-blonde-haired with a 'steady' look; things money can't buy. The rest of the band looks as what we would call 'pure Italians'. The name 'Labyrinth' crosses your mind; still, you would not think of the quintet gambling with Hollywood Metal (call me Rhapsody) or any sophisticated Prog stuff (ask for Time Machine).
Given birth by drummer Ross Lukather (Death SS, Labyrinth, Athena), Shining Fury released their Last Sunrise debut in 2004 with lots of great guest appearances: Morby (Time Machine, Labyrinth, Domine), Terence Holler and Martin Khyn (both from Eldritch), to name a few. 2/5 of the band changed afterwards, with Tonazzini and Bartoletti being recruited for this new album.
A new album that - in my opinion sounds better than the debut. First of all, the mix (done by Achim Koehler of Primal Fear, Brainstorm) is as fair and heavy as it can get. As for the music: intense melodic Power Metal, the Italian way, with great melodies supported by booming rhythm parts; all these surrounded by 'charming' keyboard work. Neretti's voice - some may recognize him from Athena's Twilight Of Days (2001) release - breathes passion, even if he'll prove himself to be too 'castrato' for some fans. Lukather's drumming surely is impressive, even if he seems to 'overdo' it sometimes with his double bass.
This album is fast, yet it achieves being attractive through its 'solid' sound, first of all. Add the fact that all players are remarkable and - to come to a comparison - test your likes for bands like Labyrinth. I thing Labyrinth is the nearest resemblance I could come up with. And that's a good thing, since you can barely hear some Euro Power/Prog fan sayin' Labyrinth sucks! I'd add some common 'key points' related to U.K. 'grind' Power metallers Dragonforce but I hear everyday some Euro Power/Prog fan yellin' Dragonforce sucks; and that's not a good thing!
The Highway Star cover is interesting; it did not 'trap' me that much but it's lively. Anyway, the rest of the tunes are the band's real stuff. I'd recommend this one; as already said, bands founded by drummers are beloved (and the exception remains)!

7 / 10


"Another Life" Track-listing:

Another Life
Fast & Easy
Colours and Experience
The Haunting
Eternal Fight
Neither Words nor Kisses
Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
Five Years Ago
Highway Star

Shining Fury Lineup:

Andrea Bartoletti - Bass
Francesco Neretti - Vocals
Ross Lukather - Drums
Federico Accardo - Guitar
Francesco Tonazzini - Guitar

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