SHEOGORATH Is here; this Austrian melodic black metal act unlashes their second EP release, released […]
By Kris Marsden
March 23, 2023
Sheogorath - Winterhold album cover

SHEOGORATH Is here; this Austrian melodic black metal act unlashes their second EP release, released January 27th 2023, via Art Gates Records. Before diving into the review, SHEOGORATH is a new one for me; the name SHEOGORATH is a character from the Elder Scrolls video game series, so I know of the game name but know nothing about the game, lore, and characters -I feel like I'm going in blind with this review.So this is SHEOGORATH, which welcomes the listener to the opening piece "Dremora Lord," which includes the listener to some some-nice warm melodic riffage -with a lush build-up of aggression and sharp-tone aggressive snarls -with a mouth water droll edge. Continuing with the following piece, "Deemed to Be," and the remaining three tracks- simultaneously trying to single out certain tracks for discussion will be a task and a half.

"Winterhold" provides and delivers the listener's ears with five songs that fuss this DISSECTION melodic riffage and the blackened speed of HELLRIPPER, and the cold of black metal aggression provided by an awesome craftmanship and musicianship that gives the listener's ears a musical spectrum that's dark, melodic, complex, evil that's filled with a composition/characteristics filling of various tones, moods/atmosphere and tempos- simultaneously convenient to place at the right moment and the musical/instrumental and lyrics composition and score with an execution of perfection which utilises neck-speed melodic riffage/fret-board shredding (with a hint of 80's German melodic power)- simultaneously tight (clean) chord passages from the guitar, snarling vocals)- simultaneously the fourth piece, "Embers," a female guest vocalist appears, various (hard-hitting) drum strikes/fills and beats and a pulsing bass line. At the same time, "Winterhold" will hit the listener with moments of aggressive serge, short epic anthem moments and melodic sections within its musical spectrum.

Closing the album off with the closing piece "She-O-Go-Rath," which closes with an RPG dungeon (chiptune) synth composition. "Winterhold", in my opinion, without knowing anything about Elder Scrolls lore/world, was an enjoyable (short release); I would recommend this for Elder Scrolls fans and non-fans. Soon as I hit the four songs, I was hooked on the band's music and creativity- I simultaneously recommend this for Melodic Black/Death, Epic/Power Metal fans...

7 / 10









"Winterhold" Track-listing:

1. Dremora Lord
2. Deemed to Be
3. Winterhold
4. Embers
5. She-O-Go-Rath

Sheogorath Lineup:

Patrick - Vocals, Lyrics
Matej - Guitars, Drum Programming

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