The Edge of Sanity 88 Demo Session


Here we have a demo, but something very cool. A demo session with David Chastain […]
By Martin "Doomed" Desbois
November 21, 2018
Shelton/Chastain - The Edge of Sanity 88 Demo Session album cover

Here we have a demo, but something very cool. A demo session with David Chastain and Mark Shelton From MANILLA  ROAD. A powerfully heavy, raw, straightforward demo consisting of four songs, well three while "Orpheus Descending" is offered in two versions. Like Chastain said, this is his longest track to date. The first three tracks are weigh in at 21 minutes while the fourth track extended version offers approximately the same time. Even proggers would be jealous of such a long track

"The Edge of Sanity" holds of his name well. This is straightforward, very rawly recorded. The guitar lines and riffs are crazy and worth a listen of you survive the poor sound. But 80's thrash metallers or black metal fans should not be annoyed that much. Crystal clean productions lovers pass your way..."Orpheus Descending" is based on Greek mythology where Orpheus descends into Hades' realms to get his love back. Excellent melodies and riffs. The chorus passages are almost Doom metal. It's epic metal as its best...reminding me of MEMENTO MORI, or CIRITH UNGOL. This song is the core of this demo....dreamy, emotion filled guitar solo ends this superb song. "Fields of Sorrow"'s tempo is a little strange. The speed that's used here makes this song providing an eerie ambiance. The vocals are raw. Classic thrashy riffs. The drums sounds synthetic here, a sad thing because the song is great. But that's not tragic. "Orpheus Descending" (Extended)" is worth the ride.

A nice journey. It lets the listener plunge deeper into this Greek adventure and offers a lot more than its original version. Excellent devastation!

7 / 10









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"The Edge of Sanity 88 Demo Session" Track-listing:

1. The Edge of Sanity
2. Orpheus Descending
3. Fields of Sorrow
4. Orpheus Descending

Shelton/Chastain Lineup:

Mark Shelton - Vocals, Lyrics, Melodies
David T. Chastain - Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming

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