Promo 2007

Shattered Hope

Even though fans of Doom Metal in Greece are numerous, the number of bands from […]
By Harry Papadopoulos
May 26, 2008
Shattered Hope - Promo 2007 album cover

Even though fans of Doom Metal in Greece are numerous, the number of bands from this country is really small. So, I was pleased when this promo fell into my hands and had the opportunity to listen to SHATTERED HOPE.

The band was founded in 2002 and from the first moment their sound had that doom/death orientation. After several lineup changes, they started playing live and had their first demo, A View Of Grief, in 2005. After taking good reviews from the Press, they started performing live again. Just a few months ago they had a re-enlistment in the band. Nondas (lead guitar) left the band and Sakis, who until that day was the keyboard player, took his place and Eygenia came to fill the gap behind the keys. With this lineup, they recorded this promo and now work in new material for their first album.

First of all, I must admit that I didn't have the chance to listen to their first demo. But those two tracks are better than I expected. The band doesn't fall in the trap to follow more gothic paths. The melodies and the ideas are quite nice, bringing in mind bands like MY DYING BRIDE and SATURNUS. The voice of Nick is the right one for the kind of music they decided to play.  The only two, not so good, things I would like to say are that even though the compositions are very good, they won't let you with your mouth open. But I believe that the sextet is capable for something like that in the future. The second one is that, in my humble opinion, they have to do something to filter their influences, since there are moments that I think I'm listening to a copy of MY DYING BRIDE and that's unfair for the band.

This promo leaves me with great expectations for this band's (from Athens, Greece) debut album. They know how to play their instruments and they have good ideas. Until then, you can contact the band via their official site or their MySpace page.
P.S.: For a self-released promo, the packaging is really good and professional. Good work buys (and girl)!

"Promo 2007" Track-listing:

Enlighten The Darkness
Shadows From The Past

Shattered Hope Lineup:

Nick - Vocals
Vasilis - Bass
George - Drums
Sakis - Guitar
Eygenia - Keyboards
Thanos - Guitar

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