Shake City

Shake City

The 80s...To some it's just the past, to me it's the best decade ever... Hairspray, […]
By Caterina Zoi
September 28, 2009
Shake City - Shake City album cover

The 80s...To some it's just the past, to me it's the best decade ever... Hairspray, lipstick, eyeliner and kick-ass rockin' anthems... So, when I took Shake City in my hands I was pretty sure that it's a worth-listening-to album.

SHAKE CITY was formed in 1987 by ex-WARRANT vocalist Adam Shore and guitarist Don E. Sachs, under the name HOT WHEELZ. During their short career they performed live in many popular clubs such as Sunset Strip, The Roxy,Whiskey a-Go-Go, The Central, Coconut Teazer, The Marquee, FM Station and The Country Club. They also played live in other states (apart from the L.A. area) as well, such as Phoenix and Florida. It's important to mention that their great songs were co-written by Tommy Thayer (of BLACK N' BLUE and currently KISS fame) as well as Erik Turner and Jani Lane (both from WARRANT). It's such a shame that this band never made it. In 1992 they stopped everything and now - after all these years - we have the chance to listen to a great album from them.

As most 80s Glam Metal albums, Shake City contains songs that can stick to your mind. There are cuts like Betty Blue and Lust & Love, for example, that remind me of classic 80s anthems as well as songs like Little Lianne, Sweet Dreams and Can't Get Over You that are classic 80s ballads. Both the sound and the production are really good. Generally SHAKE CITY's sound reminds me of bands like POISON and WARRANT, so they can only be great.

From the beginning to the end Shake City is a classic album filled with glitter and great songs. If you're an 80s lover then you're gonna adore it!

7 / 10


"Shake City" Track-listing:

One Good Reason
Hot Love
Betty Blue
Get It While It's Hot
Little Lianne
Lust & Love
Psychedelic Ride
Sweet Dreams
Can't Get Over You
Game Of War
Bad On Wheels

Shake City Lineup:

Adam Shore - Lead Vocals
Don E. Sachs - Guitar
Michael Blair - Guitar
Ray Bailey - Bass
Jaycee Cary - Drums
Ethan Gladstone - Guitar

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