Seventh Calling

When I first put this on in my CD player, I wasn't sure what to […]
By Jonathan Maphet
July 29, 2010
Seventh Calling - Epidemic album cover

When I first put this on in my CD player, I wasn't sure what to think. I knew it was an attempt to be old school. I could tell that by the production, but what else was trying to be achieved here? I have come to the conclusion that they were trying to do exactly what they ended up doing, and that is to make a classic sounding straight forward Heavy Metal album don't think this album falls into any genre or sub genre; just call it Heavy Metal. "Epidemic" sounds like it came right out of the 80's. There is an ongoing trend to sound "retro", and as bad as most of the new music is, I can't blame the people that do that. How much American Idol garbage can one take before going insane? So here we have SEVENTH CALLING "kicking it old school" as Beavis & Butthead and would say. I find it a bit refreshing to hear this style again. It is what I grew up with. It is nice to be able to hear something that sounds old that is actually brand new without also having to sacrifice the quality of the sound and playing. Everything is handled well here; from the drums to the vocals and everywhere in between, it is all rock solid.

The material covers a wide array of territory. As the song titles might suggest, most of the subject matter is rather dark. It's not happy and fun Power Metal. The double bass drumming comes complete with cymbal crashes making the drummer sound like he's very busy. There are some really technical solos on this album. It is obvious that a lot of attention was paid to detail in this area. Nothing is left to chance here. Solid harmonies and sing along choruses abound. I have to really compliment the singer. Rick Cox does a very good job with the songs here. According to their bio sheet, he is a new member, and in my opinion it sounds like they chose a good replacement. Of course I say this having never heard the original singer, but the vocals are very good regardless. Another thing I noticed is how serious the songs sound. Nothing is whimsical or frivolous. Everything is deadly serious and presented that way from the first note to the last. "Rising Against" is a song about taking down enemies as if in a battle or during a war. A very classic approach to metal there, and something we can all relate to. The song "Death Dealer" has a wonderful Thrash Metal element to it. Well done sirs!

7 / 10


"Epidemic" Track-listing:
  1. Test Of Time
  2. Paid In Blood
  3. Rising Against
  4. Epidemic
  5. Ignite The Fire
  6. Death Dealer
  7. Fractured
  8. Tyrannical Reign
  9. Beyond The Wicked Lies
Seventh Calling Lineup:

Rick Cox - Lead Vocals
Steve Handel - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Alex Ritchey - Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals
Marc Flores - Bass
Shannon Frye - Drums

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