In God We Rust


SEVENSCARS were kind enough to send us their debut release for a review, and since […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
June 20, 2008
SevenScars - In God We Rust album cover

SEVENSCARS were kind enough to send us their debut release for a review, and since I am an underground lover I more than gladly accepted to write this review. I didn't even know what they play, but that's the good thing. It's always nice searching about info and then find out what the band you are interested in exactly is. So, SEVENSCARS... Sounds pretty modern to me...

The band comes from Cork, Ireland and this is their debut release. As they say in their bio, they struggled to complete their line up. Anyway, there is nothing interesting to say about them. I can only mention that they have managed to support bands like PRIMORDIAL and SIKH...

While searching for what exactly these guys are - before I even listen to the CD - I found out that this is a Thrash/Groove Metal band (although I hate it when people use the word Groove as a Metal genre). After listening to the band's debut EP I have only one thing to say. Don't try to hard to sound like someone guys! Try to be yourselves! Try to do something that represents you! In God We Rust is something like METALLICA meets TRIVIUM's The Crusade. Especially the singer tries to sound something between Hetfield and Heafy!

Even the sound doesn't help the band present something that could attract your attention. It is not a bad release, but these guys definitely need something more unique to make the Metal scene lay its eyes on them.

5 / 10


"In God We Rust" Track-listing:

In God We Rust
Burning Preacher Nation
The Need To Bleed
You Will Rot
Turn To Stone

SevenScars Lineup:

Paul Flynn - Vocals
Kevin Cummins - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Nicholas Connolly - Guitar
Barry Crean - Bass
Aivars Tirums - Drums

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