Deadly Sins

Seven Witches

After having released their last album Amped in 2005, SEVEN WITCHES comes up again with […]
By Julia Brown
November 3, 2007
Seven Witches - Deadly Sins album cover

After having released their last album Amped in 2005, SEVEN WITCHES comes up again with a new lineup (former HADES/WATCHTOWER singer Alan Tecchio) and bring out their 7th album. Co-producer and guitar player Jack Frost is absolutely proud of his compassed creation! In his own words, Deadly Sins is the best album he's ever produced! Joey Vera (ARMORED SAINT, FATES WARNING, ANTHRAX bassist) played a part in mixing the record.
This is a masterpiece that we all put our hearts and souls into! (Jack Frost himself). Those 10 songs promise some great, solid and ambitious Heavy Metal. From slow and heavy passages to well-known, distinctive, fast and keen guitar sounds. And those got it! With Man Of The Millenium we can find the ballad on this album, in which we can recover this mystical part that is still in our minds when we think about the previous albums.
In the last, very dark and heavy (almost psychedelic) song The Answer, Alan Tecchio presents us another load of his amazing voice. But, compared to the last record this one is much heavier and faster, what I don't really like... This album has a totally different character than the last ones, which is sad in the case of SEVEN WITCHES, 'cause they were doing a very good job in previous. And I don't really know if Jack Frost is serious with what he's saying, but I guess some of the previous albums were better than Deadly Sins.
Altogehter, the album is very good anyhow, just very different. For those who like it heavier this one is nothing but perfect. In the case of SEVEN WITCHES even the very fast songs do sound like the guys knew what they were doin' with their instruments; very positive aspect. To get an idea of how this album is like I'd suggest to listen to Deadly Sins, Commerce and Pleasure. Deadly Sins will be officially released on the 20th of November. For all of you who want to get it before, there'll be a pre-release on 31st of October.

5 / 10


"Deadly Sins" Track-listing:

Deadly Sins   
Man Of The Millenium   
The Answer

Seven Witches Lineup:

Jack Frost - Guitar
Kevin Bolembach - Bass
Jeff Curenton - Drums
Alan Tecchio - Vocals

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