SETMEONFIRE is a metallic amalgamation of influences ranging from the alternative rock and metal stylings […]
Setmeonfire - Lowtech album cover

SETMEONFIRE is a metallic amalgamation of influences ranging from the alternative rock and metal stylings of the late 90's to modern day electronica, drum & bass and hip hop with a cinematic delivery This sonic fusion comes together on "Lowtech," the band's impending debut album due for release in March 2019. On the album's juxtaposing title, live keyboardist and backup vocalist Oliver elaborates - "We are simple beings living in rapidly advancing technological environment. We'll have to play with the fire first to learn what it can do - even if it means getting burnt in the process." The new album contains eleven tracks. Let's get to some of the highlights.

The title track leads us off, with heavy electronica and a slow moving tempo. The cadence of the vocals does remind me of the Alternative scene for sure. It has a heavy edge but doesn't reach out into the full depth of potential. "Creature" is more of the same. A slow moving song with vocals that stay in the same rage for the most part, and supporting electronica. It's cold, sterile music without emotional peaks. "Perfect Hell" has some interesting vocals...they sound good with they are harmonized. The lumbering pace lets you take it all in. "Terminal" is almost a dreamy ballad but veiled in mystery along with some riff accents here and there. It has a delicate sound in the vocals.

"The Expidition" has some early electronica with light vocals, before the main riff hits. Though it's another slow moving track, the airy vocals are noteworthy. When they fall into that fast moving cadence however they lose me. "Deathbed" opens with some dual harmonic vocals and some positive vibes. They remind me of another band that I cannot think of at this point. The song has some faster moving elements but again that fast spoken word cadence is out of place for me. "Save Me" is a tender number with well-thought out instrumental elements, just light enough to make a mark. The vocals are light and airy, and dissipate into the air in front of you.

"Rebirth" closes the album, opening with a heavy guitar riff out of the gates. It's probably the heaviest song on the album. Again, the vocals come close to "rapping" at times and that's just not pleasing to me. It is evident that this a core part of their sound, so I cannot blame them for their integrity. But, too many of the songs sounded the same and they didn't use the electronica to make emotional peaks, thus the sound came out somewhat muddled. The album cover however is fantastic, as is the production. They had some moments here...keep an eye on these guys as they have potential, but must realize it.

6 / 10

Had Potential








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"Lowtech" Track-listing:

1. Lowtech
2. Nerve
3. Creature
4. Perfect Hell
5. Terminal
6. Compliance
7. The Expedition
8. Deathbead
9. Patterns
10. Save Me
11. Rebirth

Setmeonfire Lineup:

Cameron Eyre
Oliver Freeth
Stuart Pearson
Kieran Jackson

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